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Articles: TNR – trap, neuter, return

January 24 2017

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return Testimony in Illinois

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return is increasingly the terminology and the practice to deal with community cats. In Illinois, after some outlandish allegations from Illinois Department of Natural Resources a special fact-finding task force was created to suggest some realistic options. My testimony is below, followed by Anne Beall, researcher and author Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral…

December 7 2016

Speaking Out on Kristen Lindsey Case

Dr. William Folger speaks out about regarding his expert testimony in the trial of Dr. Kristin Lindsey, offering a better understanding of what really did happen. Lindsey is the veterinarian who posted on her Facebook page an image of cat impaled by the shaft of the arrow which she shot April 17, 2015. In the…

October 24 2016

Dr. Bill Folger First Interview on the Cat Shooting Veterinarian

First on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio, Listen HERE the group, the Washington’s sing their way into newsman Dave Schwaney’s heart. I first talk baseball, and the Cubs winning the the NLCS with Schwaney and sportcaster Andy Mazur. Do the Indians or Cubs have better starting, since they both have great closures…

October 13 2016

TNR Is Right: National Feral Cat Day

No one knows how many feral cats there are in America. Estimates range from about half as many as there are owned cats to one and a half times as many owned cats. There are 74 million owned cats in America. So, using any formula, that’s a lot of feral cats. October 16 is National…

September 26 2016

Do They Really Know What TNR Is, Or They Don't Care?

I was fact, I was the dude the late Dr. Dan Parmer, Cook County veterinarian, came to when he first said he had just attended a Humane Society of the Untied States conference and said “I am finally convinced that Trap-Nueter-Return (TNR) is the way to go.” He asked me to bring a small group of…

September 21 2016

TNR Flashback with Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy

I worked on several initiatives with Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy, who recently passed away. Commissioner Murphy was a real animal lover. Listen to this archived interview from WGN Radio with Commissioner Murphy from several years ago, with Cook County veterinarian Dr. Donna Alexander. We spoke about the hearing supporting for trap-neuter-return (TNR) for Cook County.…

September 2 2016

TNR Friendly Kittens Should Be Adopted

Trap-Nueter-Return (TNR) has proved to be the most efficient means of controlling feral or community cats. The idea is to humanely trap outdoor cats, bring them into a shelter or veterinary clinic to be spay/neutered, hopefully vaccinated for rabies and then most cats are re-released where they were caught. Obviously being unable to continue reproducing,…

May 23 2016

Illinois Governor Targets Cats

The state of Illinois is a mess. I am not being political – just honest. It’s made national news that the State has operated without a budget for nearly a year, schools have suffered, at some colleges enrollment is now down. In particular, non-profits serving at risk individuals with various needs, have been shut out.…

May 4 2016

Cats Are Safer Indoors Only

At a time when outdoor cats are coming under attack, I defend humane treatment of outdoor cats and support humanely minimizing their numbers implementing trap-neuter-return….Still,  I do want to point out that it’s important that we keep cats indoors only in the first place. We don’t allow dogs outdoors to roam neighborhoods; we should –…

May 2 2016

No More Unemployed Cats

Tree House Humane Society Cats at Work Project relocates cats previously spay/neutered and vaccinated for rabies to areas to where businesses leaders or public officials haven’t found another workable solution to an explosion of numbers of rats. On WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World, Listen HERE to Paul Nickerson, Tree House manager of of the…

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