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Articles: TNR – trap, neuter, return

December 8 2014

Animal Welfare Coalition Teams Up to Care for Hawthorne Cats

Hawthorne Race Course cats with Jenny Schlueter of Tree House Humane Society and Jim Miller representing the track on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World. Listen HERE.  First, newsman Dave Schwan and myself discuss my recent visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and SPCA Puerto Vallarta.  Catch of glimpse of this place, the SPCA Puerto Vallarta.…

December 6 2014

Hawthorne Cats Update, Steve Dale WGN Radio

Hawthorne Race Course  was in the news a few weeks ago, not for the horse races, instead for the feral cats who have helped rid the barns there of vermin for decades.  The story continues to rattle cages on the Internet, even today. But is there really a story here, or fabricated drama? On Steve Dale’s…

November 17 2014

Solution for Hawthorne Cats Benefits the Cats

When do cats come first, ahead of human egos? This IS the story: Carrie  Gobernatz, a wonderful dedicated volunteer caretaker, had been watching over many of the feral cats at Hawthorne Race Course for several years. No questions, she gave generously of her time, talents and personal money. Over the years, she received advice from various animal…

November 7 2014

Hawthorne Race Track Cats

Hawthorne Race Track is not ‘the bad guy’ here. If they really didn’t want the barn cats, or to support the cats being spay/neutered,  they would have done something years ago. As well-respected WGN-TV reporter Marcella Raymond suggests, overall, it is advantageous to have barn cats at racetracks (to rid barns of vermin). And it…

November 4 2014

Who You Going to Call? Ratbusters!

Rats are all over Chicago, and other cities around America. Chicago, like lots of cities have cut back on their rat abatement programs. In Chicago, having Streets and Sanitation dealing with the rat issue may not be ideal. Once downtown at lunch (on a nice day when people are eating outside), workers trapped a rat…

October 24 2014

Tree House Cat Fans Climb to New Heights

The best Tree House fundraising Black Cat Ball ever, each year more people attend. This time around at the Adler Planetarium…We raised a lot of dollars to assist Chicago’s homeless cats and to help Tree House Humane Society to help more cats in their new building (ground-breaking in 2015).  

October 15 2014

Saving Cats: the Black Cat Ball

Finding homes for homeless cats, that’s one goal of the Tree House Humane Society. Wendi Taylor Nations, who is on the Tree House Board of Directors, describes why she has an affinity to the organization, and about the upcoming Black Cat Ball.  Listen HERE to cat woman Wendi on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN…

October 15 2014

Community Cats: National Feral Day

Even if you don’t know it, they’re out there lurking in the shadows. According to market research conducted by Anne Beall, there are nearly as many feral (wild) cats in the U.S as there are owned cats. “We know so little about feral cats, and even less of the truth about how people feel about them,”…

September 29 2014

Community Cats, Putting Cats to Work with Anne Beall

Cats without owners number more or less about the same in number as those who are cared for, according to Anne Beall, author of Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats.  Listen HERE to Anne’s conversation on WGN Radio on Steve Dale’s Pet World about her book and what she’s learned about feral/stray community…

September 27 2014

Community Cats Author on Steve Dale's Pet World

Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats is hot off the press, and the book’s author Anne Beall will be on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, 6:35AM Sunday, September 28. Listen HERE or 720AM. Oh rats! That’s how it began – living on Chicago’s near north side the vermin were everywhere. A…

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