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January 24 2013

Banning Cats in New Zealand is Not the Solution: I Have a Better Plan

New Zealand wants to ban cats, or at least a group there, led by environmentalist Gareth Morgan. I’ve been to New Zealand, and I understand that the native wildlife – particularly bird life – greatly have no defense against feral cats, or owned cats allowed outdoors (which are most owned cats there). Making matters more…

November 6 2012

Highlights of Tree House Humane's Most Successful Black Cat Ball Ever

The Black Cat Ball to benefit the Tree House Humane Society was October 18 at Nacional 27. This was the most successful Black Cat Ball, ever! The room filled with fun, food and margarita! Catnip helped too. Special speaker was Jackson Galaxy, Galaxy, host of “My Cat From Hell” on Animal Planet and author of  “Cat Daddy: What the World’s…

August 31 2012

Finally, Good News for Cats

This has been a tough year for cats….as I wrote about in my most recent column for the Cat Channel. News headlines have linked cats to cancer; in Florida (and elsewhere) community cats have been maligned and so are the good people who do TNR; veterinary visits for cats are down; relinquishment to shelters is…

August 10 2012

WGN Radio Petcast: Alley Cat Allies' Becky Robinson on Community Cats

LISTEN HERE to this very special and particularly timely WGN Radio Petcast with America’s Queen of Feral and Stray cats, Becky Robinson, co-founder and President of Alley Cat Allies We talk about the history of cats. We go into detail talking about trap, neuter, return and why we need to deal with community cats. Imagine,…

June 13 2012

Free Webinar on TNR in Winter

Winter is here! Well, no – I don’t think so….but maybe now is the time to think about how to help cats in winter. A live webinar about Trap, Neuter, Return – helping community cats in winter to not only survive – but even thrive. The webinar is easy to join, and best of all…

April 13 2012

Demonstration Over Cruel Treatment of Cats by Loews Hotels

I’ve been covering this story for some time. Volunteer employees had begun a program of trap, neuter, return at one of the three Loews properties at Universal in Florida, and began expand on their efforts with some success. Overnight, new management decided the only answer was to exterminate the cats. You read that right. When…

April 10 2012

Loews Loathes Cats

Talk about creating your own public relations mess! What’s gone on over the past few months concerning feral cats at the three Loews Hotel properties on the grounds of Universal Studios, Orlando, FL remains inexplicable. According to an internal memo, if employees at the hotels feed the cats, this is potential cause for dismissal! The…

March 29 2012

Tree House Humane Society: Adopting 26 Cats in 26 Hours

Who knew that adopting a cat might be an excuse to party. Cats will adopted FREE at Tree House Humane Society, March 30 through April 1…the goal is to adopt 26 cats in 26 hours. A to celebrate all these cats finding forever homes! Actually, Tree House – and cats at all shelters throughout most…

January 9 2012

Becky Robinson on Unowed Cats: Alley Cat Allies

Becky Robinson is the President and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies, a non profit which protects and advocates for all cats, owned and feral. When it comes to speaking up for cats, Robinson is one of the nation’s most known advocates and experts on cats, particularly on TNR.

October 27 2011

Tree House Humane Society Celebrated 40 Years with a Black Cat Ball

The Tree House Humane Society celebrated 40 years at the Black Cat Ball, October 21 at the Red Canary. It was quite the cat party!

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