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October 13 2011

Happy Anniversary, Tree House Humane Society

Tree House Humane Society is celebrating their 40th Anniversary. Listen HERE (may take a moment to load) to Executive Director Dave DeFuniak and Development Director Jenny Schlueter talk about how innovative Tree House has been, and continues to be. For starters, all cat shelters were very much a rarity 40-years ago. Tree House has from…

September 7 2011

Treehouse Humane Society

I am proud to be associated with Tree House Humane Society in Chicago….we are a cat only facility. One of the first to be cageless….also, firmly entrenched in trap, neuter and return. We take in some cats which others truthfully won’t even consider, including an entire room of FIV cats (a great choice particularly for…

July 14 2011

Not Sure This is Funny Jon Stewart, Birds vs. Cats

It’s a real problem which many people are very upset about, cats who are both free roaming and also owned that kill songbirds and other wildlife. There’s no doubt cats do prey on birds, though most experts agree that habitat destruction and pollution are far more significant factors. I think I can take a joke,…

June 12 2011

You Can Write Off TNR, and Fostering Pets

Cool! Animals Win! You can (potentially) write-off your work if you volunteer for a legit non-profit with TNR (trap/neuter/return) for feral cats, as well as for animal rescue and fostering pets. Watch this! If you are not working as a volunteer now, you may want to start.

June 5 2011

Cat Strut, Standing Up for Cats

There are marches for peace, for Brest Cancer, and for cats. Tree House Humane Society annual Stray Cat Strut was June 4, starting at the shelter’s Uptown location at Carmen and Broadway, then strutting to the Lake and back to the shelter for a barbecue. If there’s anytime to stand up for cat’s it’s June,…

June 2 2011

Strutting for Cats

There are several dog walks – you take your pup and walk a distance, and raise money for a shelter. That’s wonderful….But what about the cats??? The annual Stray Cat Strut on on June 4 at 10 a.m. and benefits the Tree House Humane Society. People strut their stuff – sometimes accompanied by cats in…

April 17 2011

Feral Caregivers, A Special Breed

Feral caregivers make NBC Nightly News. I’m a fan of Alley Cat Allies. In Chicago, the leaders in trap, neuter, return (TNR), and helping feral cats (which helps community) is the Tree House Humane Society Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

April 6 2011

Give A Cat A Chance

How is it that most people keep cats indoors, and the overwhelming majority of those people spay/neuter.. .Yet, there’s still a cat overpopulation problem. What are we missing? In many places around the country beginning around now the kittens begin to come. In this video, Dr. Michael Moyer, president of the American Animal Hospital Association…

January 19 2011

More Cats in Shelters, Though TNR Does Seem To Help

The good news is that trap, neuter, release seems to be working , the bad news is that more cats are apparently in need of TNR and are being given up to shelters. This story focuses the general Austin area in Central Texas, according to Many agree this trend is generally true around America,…

December 12 2010

It Seems the Audubon Society Is Supporting Aiming A Gun at Feral Cats

The Audubon Society really seems to like Feral Cats and their Management, a report (they suggest is peer reviewed) from the University of Nebraska extension service. It’s a shame the Audubon Society isn’t acting a bit more enlightened here. I am for protecting birds, but if the actions of this report are followed through on…

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