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Articles: TNR – trap, neuter, return

December 9 2010

Lights of Love at Tree House Humane Society

The Lights of Love isn’t only a Tree House Humane Society tradition, it’s a community tradition in Uptown. On December 11, the Tree House Humane Society opens it’s doors for the event culminating with the lighting of over 40,000 Italian lights. It’s beautiful, not only looking spectacular but it’s what each candles signifies, which is…

December 9 2010

How Angry Are People About Feral Cats?

I don’t know why – but it seems in 2010 readers complained an awful lot about feral cat issues? Are there more feral cats today than five years ago? I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Perhaps, what is true is that the public discourse on the issue and public frustration about owned cats…

December 8 2010

Trap, Neuter, Return Or Trap and Shoot?

A recently released report from the University of Nebraska Extension, called “Feral Cats and Their Management,” (for a PDF of the document click here)  actually endorses catching feral cats in barbaric traps, and also whipping out a gun to shoot unwanted cats. Do you really want to see this in your community, moreover do you…

October 20 2010

Cats and Songbirds, Living Together in Harmony

A story in the Washington Post, ‘Bird Lovers See Roaming Cats as Major Threat to Many Species,’ by Adrian Higgins doesn’t quite get it right. The story appeared September 30, and I’ve been meaning to blog about it. Song birds are wonderful, aside from their pleasing music and good looks – they are instrumental in…

October 20 2010

Do You Have A Feral Cat Problem? Be a Part of the Solution

When you think of homeless cats, Chicagoans think of Tree House Humane Society, an organization which finds formerly owned cats homes, sometimes cats no other shelter might take – including cats with the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or cats with disabilities. Tree House also helps homeless feral cats with a nationally known commitment to trap-neuter-return…

October 16 2010

National Feral Cat Day: Is This A Parking Meter Holiday?

October 16 is Alley Cat Allies National Feral Cat Day! You can celebrate by caring for stray/feral cats where you live…If you’re in the Chicago (or really anywhere) a great resource is Tree House Humane Society Feral Friends Program. And Alley Cat Allies is a superb resource as well, as the nation’s leading advocate for…

October 4 2010

What To Do When Your Neighbors' Cats Invade Your Property

This is from my Tribune Media Services newspaper column. The piece has generated lots of controversy. I am a huge TNR proponent. However, what do you with owned cats who roam, spray on neighbor’s homes and use gardens on private property as toilets? Worse, yet, when the cat(s) belongs to your neighbor. After 15 years,…

September 22 2010

What Does 'No Kill' Really Mean

What really is the “no kill” movement? It’s a marketing term, I’m glad the term exists, and the buzz word have demonstrated that more was possible. But the term can be misleading as well…So, call it what you want – the mission is to lessen the number of animals killed in shelters. Period. Unfortunately, the…

September 17 2010

Alternative Ideas To Mandated Spay Neuter

The issues relating to shelters, why people give up pets to shelters and pet adoption are very complex. I don’t maintain to have all the answers. Still, I do have some ideas. For sure, what won’t work – that’s mandatory spay/neuter. There’s new information which demonstrates how MSN has failed, maybe even costing communities more…

August 9 2010

Condoms for Cats

I don’t exactly get this story about condoms for cats, but – if nothing else – it’s getting attention. Cats can’t put condoms on themselves, since the love glove could get punctured by his claws.  Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance executive director Amy Angelilli expect people to use the organization’s newest product, Tom Cat Condoms?…

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