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August 10 2020

Pet Safety Traveling by Car

Airline trips are clearly down, and when people are headed for vacation this summer, cars are the number one mode of transportation. The Center for Pet Safety is a non-profit with a mission to protect and advocate for animals traveling by auto or truck, including certification of products based on safety standards. On my national…

June 19 2020

Restraining Dogs in Vehicles in the U.S., U.K. and Australia

Due to the pandemic people will fly less around the U.S., and are expected to drive. Also, with the Fourth of July just around the corner in the U.S. and summer car travel everywhere, researchers looked at the U.S., the U.K. and Australia and how dogs are restrained – if at all – in cars.…

January 4 2020

Nancy Kelly of Kelly Cruises & Tours on WGN

Filling in for John Williams on WGN Radio, Listen HERE to my conversation with Nancy Kelly of Kelly Cruises & Tours. First, we begin with how to choose a cruise – one that is just right for you. Today there are all sorts of niche cruises, choices that even a few years back might not…

December 29 2018

Elephants in Thailand: Kanta Elephant Sanctuary

With Brian Noonan on WGN radio, I talk HERE about my visit to Kanta Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand. I explain why elephant sanctuaries exist in the first place. I speak about the differences between the two types of Asian elephants. I also talk about why I didn’t visit an elephant sanctuary where elephants “perform” and give…

August 12 2018

World Elephant Day

In 1989, CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) issued an international ban on the ivory trade. Despite this, legal trade still exists in many countries, including Japan, and the black market continues to do a brisk business, more business than ever before. In many cases, poachers out weaponize game wardens, and governments…

August 9 2018

Pit Bulls on Planes to Pets In Divorce to Power of a Dog’s Nose with Karen Conti on WGN Radio

I can talk to the animals – but wish I could listen better. Our pets are always talking to us in some ways, but we’re not always aware that they are. I appeared with WGN Radio legal analyst Karen Conti on her show HERE. Karen asked me about the pit bull attack in the new…

March 27 2018

Magical Mexico: Destinations You Might Not Have Heard About

I love Mexico, and explain why….but still we discuss if there are safety issues traveling there; often Mexico gets a bad rap. And bad things can happen in Mexico, but they sadly do everywhere in the world these days. Mostly, though, we talk about the Mexico most may not know, magical destinations you may not…

March 24 2018

New York State Senator Holds Airlines Responsible for Safe Pet Travel

When industry doesn’t step up to solve problems, well-meaning public officials often step in to create regulation. Senator Marisol Alcantara (D-Manhattan) is demanding justice for 10-month-old puppy Kokito and his family, who were forced by a United Airlines flight attendant to stow him in an overhead bin, through a criminal investigation of the airline and…

March 17 2018

Another United Airlines Pet Mix-Up?

United Airlines‘ issues with pets continues, and now the airline has acknowledged its third issue within a week. A flight was diverted to Akron, Ohio, on Thursday after the airline realized a pet had been loaded onto the flight in error, according to CNN and various news outlets. Flight 3996 was carrying 33 passengers from…

March 14 2018

United Airlines Sends Dog to Japan Instead of Kansas

A family moving from Oregon to Kansas claims that somehow United Airlines sent their dog to Japan instead of Wichita. Kara Swindle was traveling to Wichita with her two small children on a United flight Tuesday, March 13. The family’s 10-year-old German Shepherd Dog, Irgo, was being flown on a separate flight the same day,…

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