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Cars Are Going to the Dogs

Just over 60 million American households—nearly half—have at least one dog. So, it’s no surprise that car manufacturers are marketing to dog owners. But they’re taking a step further by developing autos with dogs in mind. In 2014, according to the American Products Association, 37 percent of dogs joined the family on some sort of…

10 Travel Tips with Pets for the Holidays

Hitting the road with your pet this howliday season? You’re not alone, more people than ever are traveling with their best pals with four legs. Watch HERE as I offer handy tips….all beginning with the same way get to Carnegie Hall: Practice, Practice, Practice. Here’s the way to do it: Get the pet acclimated to the carrier….make the…

Pets and Holidays, Preparation is Key

Listen HERE from the national Steve Dale’s Pet World to Dr. Courtney Campbell offering all sorts of helpful tips whether you’re traveling with your pet, or you are boarding your pet. Regarding the dog flu vaccine, for example, you need a booster injection about three weeks after – so NOW is the time to vaccinate…

Killing Lion, Killing Snow Leopard, Killing Bobcat: What's the Difference?

Bobcat hunting was approved in Illinois, yet some of those same lawmakers expressed (appropriate) outrage when Cecil the lion was killed in Africa. In a previous post, I asked – what’s the difference between killing the great African King of the jungle to killing the Illinois King of the jungle? [placegallery]

Pet Travel Backpack

I travel a lot, and know many who travel far more than I do. Some travel to go to dog or cat shows, agility or other dog events nearly every weekend….even if it’s only the dog park. I found a backpack – from ECBC travel, it’s easy, sturdy and fiercely protective of your stuff. Of course,…

Pet Travel Tips

I offer pet travel tips on HouseSmarts TV. Here are the gadgets and items I mention: Kurgo Booster Seat >> Rough Rider Roadie Collar >> Petmate Pop-Up Pup Tent >> Kurgo Wander Pack >>  Adaptil  

What's the Best Way to Move A Cat

Q: We’re moving from the Las Vegas area to the Chicago area. What’s the best way to move our 12-year-old cat? I’m worried she may be too large to fit under the seat on an airplane. Or should she endure a three-day care ride? I’m in a quandary.  J.N. Henderson, NV A: “I think the…

SPCA Puerto Vallarta

SPCA Puerto Vallarta isn’t exactly a shelter, it’s more like a sanctuary….or even a spa. Indoor or outdoor choices, unless the weather is awful, up to the animals. Cats get sun. Cats get vertical space. Dogs and cats live mostly in social groups. Volunteers and staff focus on enriching their lives. Some American facilities can…

Traveling with Dogs: Safety Tips and More

Traveling with their pet is now pretty mainstream. If you’re going to take your pup along, I have some tips of reducing stress and making the trip as safe as possible. . And here’s more detailed information, this story I wrote about hitting the road with your best friend.  

Niagara Falls with Two Birds

In Guelth, Ontario, Canada,  I spoke at the Royal Canin offices, and heard others speak about pet nutrition, then toured the amazing pet food plant. After, the group took a trip to Niagara Falls. I posted this video so you can get a feel for the power of the falls (if you’ve never visited), but…

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