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Vacation with Your Dog

When the family takes a vacation – increasingly, it’s the entire family enjoying the get-away.  Nearly a third of all dog owners now take their pup with on vacation, according to the 2013-2014 American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey. Additionally, six percent of cat owners tote their kitty on vacation. In both cases,…

Do Dogs Recognize Your Car?

Q: Will our dog recognize that we have a shiny new car? — T.U., Lincolnwood, IL A: Your dog will instantly realize this “moving machine” is different from the old jalopy. Even if your old car didn’t smell like dog to you, it sure did to your pet, and it also carried the scents of…

Travel Safely with Pets

This video is about traveling safely with your pets, and also about what to do if your dog does get car sick. Dr. Natalie Marks (from Blum Animal Hospital) explains how Cerenia may help, as well as behavior modification.

Pet Blogger Mary Haight, from the Amazon to Boycotting Chicken Jerky Treats

Mary Haight, my friend and colleague in this WGN Radio Petcast. LISTEN HERE. Mary is an important pet blogger….a queen of pet social media. She’s not afraid to stand to bark the truth for the Dancing Dog Blog. Her blogs may be on serious topics, ranging from the tainted chicken jerky treats (we we discuss…

Rwandans Love Mountain Gorillas, Now Warming Up to Pets

RWANDA, AFRICA — In September, we flew into the capital city of Kigali before heading out to the Virunga Mountains with Terra Incognita Ecotours to see mountain gorillas. Instantly, it was apparent how much rebuilding and growth has occurred since the Rwandan genocide of 1994, when 800,000 men, women, and children were massacred, one of…

Questions Asnwered: Motion Sickness in Dogs; Adopting FIV Cats; Cats in Fine Art

Q: We’re planning a driving trip in January with our Standard Poodle, who’s very nervous in a vehicle. How can we calm her? — D.M., Clayton, WI Q: My Sheltie, Joey, once had a problem riding in the car. We bought Meclizine at our local grocery store for less than anything the vet sold us,…

How Sick Pets Might Feel Better About Car Rides, with Safety Tips

More people than ever are traveling with their dogs. But have you asked your dog? Many dogs do get car sick.  With Dr. Natalie Marks, I talk about some strategies to help your dog….and help you….so you don’t need to clean up after a sick dog….and most of all so your dog doesn’t get anxious…

What If Your Dog Is Afraid of the Car Ride?

More people are traveling with their pets than ever! Some pets love the idea (mostly your average dog),  wiggling rear ends when they know that this time when you packed the suitcase, ‘I’m coming along.’ Isn’t it amazing how they figure it out, whether they are invited or not? Other pets might not be so…

A Canoe Ride Through our Animal Shelter in Peru, Please Help

With as many issues with fundraising and sometimes even keeping their doors open that some animal shelters have….arguably the problems are sometimes far more desperate in other countries. I can’t help but feel for the situation in the Amazon Basin at a shelter called Amazon CARES, located in Peru. I was surprised at even hearing…

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