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Articles: Tree House Humane Society

June 19 2017

Tree House, No Kill or Not – What's Gone Wrong

This was one of the toughest WGN radio shows I’ve ever done because for so many years I was a very public cheerleader for Tree House Humane Society. Arguably, no one spoke more often in public platforms about Tree House, from emceeing events like Lights of Love for more than a decade, to drumming up awareness, enthusiasm,…

June 13 2017

Why Euthanize When Other Options Exist?

I respect an animal shelter’s executive director’s opinion with medical staff and behavior experts to euthanize an animal deemed dangerous. No-kill or not, I agree with what’s in the best interest of the public and the animal, and sometimes hard decisions may need to be made. Aggressive animals aren’t “happy” or well-adjusted. No one wins,…

June 12 2017

What Happened to Tree House?

I was greeted by a little black and white cat who scooted up to me the moment I walked in the door, rubbing against my pant leg and purring. There was a faint smell of urine, and definitely my nose instantly knew this place was filled with cats. Of course, it was. I was in…

May 16 2016

Steve Dale Makes Rat News

Rats have thrived for eons, and may continue to long past humans are around just because they are pretty smart, and very adaptable. Rats will eat just about everything. Having said that, even rats have their preferences. It’s turns out that, though rats will eat dog feces, they need to be pretty hungry in order…

May 2 2016

No More Unemployed Cats

Tree House Humane Society Cats at Work Project relocates cats previously spay/neutered and vaccinated for rabies to areas to where businesses leaders or public officials haven’t found another workable solution to an explosion of numbers of rats. On WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World, Listen HERE to Paul Nickerson, Tree House manager of of the…

April 29 2016

Tree House Supports Funds for TNR

Illinois House Bill 4671 provides funs for counties to spay/neuter for feral cat colonies, and additional spay/neuter monies. This is an existing bill that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner put a stop to the possibility before the amended bill even came to a vote. I counter the Illinois Department…

April 26 2016

TNR Feral Cats: Illinois DNR Call: 'Vote No'

Feral cats and Illinois pets lose, as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) somehow has the political pull to force a hold House Bill 4671. The DNR told legislator to note ‘NO’ on the bill, which supports continued dollars for spay/neuter, and support for community (feral) cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs.  I was able to…

April 25 2016

Key and Peele Support Cat Adoption

To promote the new action-comedy, “Keanu,” Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele visited Tree House Humane Society in Chicago.  The duo helped promote cat adoption and lent their support to the organization’s efforts to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, abused, and abandoned cats. Key & Peele voiced an episode of the Real Tree House Cats of…

April 23 2016

Feral Cats and Rats: John Kass Has a Plan

Chicago Tribune superstar columnist John Kass and I debate on the topic of feral or community cats, as Kass calls me a feral cat denier. And calls my columns refuting his fiction “pithy.” HEAR my conversation with John Kass on the WGN Plus The Chicago Way (my conversation with Mr. Kass kicks off at 22:30) Kass…

April 18 2016

Chicago No Kill: Tree House Humane Society

Tree House Humane Society position on Aldermen Ray Lopez and Ed Burke’s suggestion Chicago become a No Kill City: In March 2016, Aldermen Raymond Lopez (15th ward) and Edward Burke (14th ward) introduced a resolution that seeks to transform Chicago into a No Kill City by eliminating the euthanasia of any adoptable animal in Chicago due to a lack…

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