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December 15 2020

Matching the Right Reptile with Children

On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, hear chief veterinary officer of the North American Veterinary Community  Dr. Dana Varble talk about pet reptiles, which are especially popular at this time of year as the little boy or girl might very much be determined to get a pet lizard or snake. A reptile…

December 6 2020

Choosing the Right Kind of Pet and Where Do You Get That Pet From?

If there’s a time of year to talk about what type of pet to get, and where you get that pet from – this is it.  The kids say, “I want a pet for Christmas (or Hanukkah).” Listen HERE to Dr.Dana Varble, chief veterinary officer at the North American Veterinary Community offer advice on my…

October 14 2019

The Tortoise and the Hare or Rabbit on WGN Rado

On Chicago Marathon morning I thought about the story of the tortoise and the hare – so we spoke about tortoises and hares (rabbits) HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale Dale’s Pet World.  My guest, Dr. Byron De la Navarre, past President of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and is considered a world expert…

August 4 2019

Saving a Green Turtle

People can be good, and it doesn’t matter what country they happen to live in. A woman and her boyfriend rescued a green turtle jammed between rocks on a beach in Oman.

July 20 2018

Red-Eared Sliders Regaining Popularity: That Might Not Be So Great

I can’t believe it’s still “a thing,” spontaneously buying red-eared slider turtles. Back in the day, in the 1950’s and ‘60 into the early 70’s, these turtles were commonly kept as pets. Typically, though, they suffered from poor care. Their habitats were plastic containers with a plastic tropical looking palm and a small place to…

March 20 2018

Feeding A Puppy to a Snapping Turtle: Is That Science?

Feeding a puppy to an alligator snapping turtle does not illustrate the “circle of life.” Puppies are domestic animals with no natural defenses, and they’re members of our families. However, this is what a longtime science teacher at Preston Junior High in Preston, Idaho, allegedly did. And, at this point, the teacher has not been fired…

January 5 2018

Iguanas Falling from the Sky

People can deal with record low temperatures by putting on another layer of protection or not even venturing outdoors. Animals, however, have no choice in the matter. In Florida—in the water and on land—animals are paying a price. Iguanas are falling like coconuts from trees and appear to be frozen. The good news: Those that…

September 2 2017

What Turtles and Chickens Have in Common: Salmonella

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a warning regarding Salmonella infections, particularly linked to pet turtles (mostly those known as red-eared sliders). The warning came on August 29, 2017, calling it a multi-state outbreak. In 13 states, 37 people have been diagnosed with the strain of Salmonella Agbeni. Illnesses have been identified from March 1…

August 18 2017

Tortoise Mouth-to-Mouth

John Fletcher, of Gloucester, England, saved his drowning tortoise’s life with the kiss of life. Unlike turtles, most tortoises can not swim, at least for more than a few moments. Somehow, the 45-year-old tortoise, named Freda, landed at the bottom of Fletcher’s garden pond and appeared dead. Fletcher began to perform CPR on the animal…

May 24 2015

Robo-Sea Turtle

Every animal count, especially those that are endangered, like the loggerhead sea turtles. Akut-3, a 100-lb. looggerhead sea turtle was found floating in the water in July, 2014. He was injured by the propellor of a passing boat. He suffered a fractured jaw with almost 60 percent of the upper and lower jaw on the…

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