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Sun Times story on March 12: Three days after boldly proclaiming he had the votes, Ald. Edward M. Burke  called off a vote on a proposal to require Chicago pet owners to spay/neuter Dr. Sheldon Rubin’s, president of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association, was not given a chance at the March 12 hearing to…

Steve Dale’s March 12 testimony at joint License Committee/Finance Committee hearing at City Hall Coalition of Chicago shelters and veterinarians: Letter to Editor, Chicago Tribune Alley Cat Allies Update: MSN Misses the Target: Failing to Reach Intact Cats PETCAST: Veterinary behaviorist Dr. John Ciribassi says spay/neuter doesn’t make a city safe; Anti Cruelty Society opposed…


Economic Woes Tricking Down To Pets, Sometimes Paying the Ultimate PriceTips on How Pet Owners Can Save Dollars on Furry Friends, Keeping the Family Together

The Link

Animal Abuse Linked to Other Forms of Violence Phil Arkow Steve’s Petcast with Phil Arkow and Allie Phillips of American Humane on Link Awareness

Happy Anniversary Winn Feline

WINN and HomeAgain Set Microchip Mark Celebrating 40 Years of Winning for Cats Honor Your Vet for Helping Your Pet

American Humane Womens Shelters

Lifesaving Dog Helps a Family in Crisis: Pets In Women’s Shelters Offer Unconditional Love American Humane Launches Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS)™ Program

Western Veterinary Conference, 2008

Old dogs with Dr. Karen Koks The cat went from a mouser to a houser, Dr. Tom Cantazaro Behavior Studies Discussed at 80th Annual Western Veterinary Conference Diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Behavior (plus one) Answer Reader Questions

R. K. Anderson Adventure in the Windy City

Why the Legendary Veterinary Behaviorist R, K. Anderson Blew Into Town With His Gentle Touch See photo display of Dr. Anderson’s Chicago visit Listen to PetCast from WGN Radio with Dr. R. K. Anderson Read archived story Steve authored on Dr. Anderson (from five years ago)

CATalyst Summit

Feline Ambassadors Meet to ‘Purrk’ Up Cats’ Image   Steve Answers Two Cat Questions: Cat in the Garage, Cat in the Basement Steve’s Report on the CATalyst Summit

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