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June 11 2016

Pet-Safe Lawns

We want our lawns to be green – but also must make them safe for pets (not to mention children). And that’s not always an easy thing to do….there are also lots of myths out there. Espoma Organic offers a free handout, Safe Paws Happy Laws Happy Pets  Here’s what we know about lawns and…

September 30 2015

It's Better to be a Dog: Lyme Disease Forum

Syracuse, New York. Lyme disease is diagnosed more readily and responded to differently in animal health compared to human health. Two veterinarians and two experts on tick-borne disease in people spoke on September 10 at this unusual Forum.  It was unusual because, though it makes sense for medical professionals on the animal and human side…

September 30 2015

Orphans of the Storm, Walking on the Wooded Side

Orphans of the Storm (OOTS), announces the grand opening of the new Orphans of the Storm Woodland Preserve on Friday, Oct. 2. The 7.5-acre wooded preserve transforms a previously uncultivated area on the OOTS grounds into a tranquil woodland with circuitous paths where dogs can exercise, bond with potential new owners, all while getting a…

September 2 2015

Importance of AAHA Accreditation, American Animal Hospital Association

Being accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association really DOES matter. In veterinary medicine accreditation is voluntary, achieving over 900 standards in 18 categories. The process of becoming accredited is quite rigorous. These practices do go the extra mile. Indeed, personally, I feel many good, and may great practices out there – still I only…

August 3 2015

Freedom 49 Rescued Dogs From Nightmare: Story Will Shock You

This story turns out not be correct – and I retract this.  

July 31 2015

Killing Lion, Killing Snow Leopard, Killing Bobcat: What's the Difference?

Bobcat hunting was approved in Illinois, yet some of those same lawmakers expressed (appropriate) outrage when Cecil the lion was killed in Africa. In a previous post, I asked – what’s the difference between killing the great African King of the jungle to killing the Illinois King of the jungle? [placegallery]

April 2 2015

National Ferret Day

Today is National Ferret Day. Celebrate by finding a gap no one else can see, and sliding through – that’s what ferrets can do. Indeed Ferrets are popular pets. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association 2012 Pet Ownership & Demographic Sourcebook, there are 748,000 European ferrets as pets. This doesn’t count the number of…

March 6 2015

Kids Read to Dogs: Sit, Stay, Read

The best reading tutors ever may be dogs. Sit, Stay, Read brings specially trained dogs (and their handlers) together with children who need help with reading skills. More than solely supporting effective measurable improvements in their reading, dogs boost confidence. Also, the kids learn about humane education. Kids that are more humane to animals, might be…

November 23 2014

Mountain Gorilla Homes, Rwanda

Visiting Mountain Gorillas in their homes in Rwanda is the most spiritual thing I’ve ever done. Here, I am standing only about 10 feet in front of wild gorillas, no bars, no cages, and no fear on either side. Behind me, a giant silverback gorilla, a mom and toward the end of the video, you…

November 1 2014

Dogs and People Are Always Communicating: Do We Need a Translator?

To your dog, you are a book. Dogs never put it down; they never stop reading us. Dogs read us in ways we understand, and in ways we don’t. We sometimes forget that we share our lives, our families, homes, and often our beds with a totally different species than our own.  Despite the differences…

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