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Declaw Is Not Amputation? Not Quite

Q: We don’t consider a declaw an amputation, as you insist it is. Our cats survive longer because we keep them indoors. We love our cats; they even sleep in our bed. Don’t you believe under those conditions it’s OK to declaw? — H.T., Tampa, FL A: It is likely your cats will live longer…

Athletes for Animals, David Backes of the St. Louis Blues

David Backes is quite profound when it comes to the responsibility of professional athletes, as pro athletes have taken a hit over the past few years – from domestic abuse to illegal steroid usage. Walking the walk, or better put, skating the skate, the St. Louis Blues all-star created his own charity, called Athletes for…

Love Cats? Winn Feline Foundation Celebrates New Website

Have a cat? Nearly everything known about your cat was supported through funding from the Winn Feline Foundation, from the very food most cats eat to vaccinations cats receive to care in shelters to treatment of a wide range of health issues, from the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) to diabetes. Winn has been there to…

Veterinarians and Pediatricians Partner on Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an epidemic in America. Last year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated there is 10 times more Lyme disease present in people than previously thought. At least 300,000 people are diagnosed annually with Lyme in the U.S. Lyme is transmitted to people, and to dogs, by deer ticks. The good…

Dog and Soldier Soon to be Reunited

Would you trust your girlfriend with your best friend? I’ve talked about the various rescue groups which find foster home for deployed military, such as the Military Pets Foster Project. Perhaps, that would have been a better idea for Robert Gabbert when he was deployed to Afghanistan. He went overseas, and left his 3-year old…

Dog Patch Pet & Feed Does the Right Thing, Adopting Dogs and Cats

Dog Patch Pet & Feed owner Greg Gordon appeared on Steve Dale’s Pet World  on WGN Radio to talk about what he voluntarily did a few years back….He stopped selling dogs and cats at the Naperville, IL pet store and instead began to adopt them out from rescues. Dog Patch Pet & Feed became a…

Tree House Humane Society Turns Kitten Around

Tree House Humane Society staff and shelter do this sort of thing all the time – this story happened to have gone viral….and being a Tree House Humane Society supporter (and member of the Board of Directors), I am happy to write about Stockings – but there are many similar stories. Stockings, an orange tabby,…

Halloween Safety and Jerky Treats with Dr. Rubin on Steve Dale's Pet World

Tips on keeping pets safe on Halloween HEARD HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World from the one and only, Dr. Shelly Rubin. His tips – include what with the pets when that doorbell doesn’t stop ringing. We talk about avoiding lost pets. Of course, Dr. Rubin and I hope your pets are microchipped and registered with…

Firefighter Saves Kitten

After fighting a fire – investigating to insure everyone is out, a firefighter spotted a lifeless kitten. Now, watch what happens Warning: Watching this video requires a tissue (or several). A SAD Update – the kitten didn’t make it through the night, due to smoke damage – and succumbed.  The point though, is that oxygen…

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