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Navigating Pet Insurance

I am very much a proponent of pet insurance. Pet Insurance Saves Lives! Really….consider this, a 11-year old dog diagnosed with cancer. Treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, etc) $3,000. The veterinarian says prognosis is very good. But prognosis may be irrelevant if the family just doesn’t have the money. With pet insurance, the cost is shared (depending…

Pit Bull Helps Out Mary Tyler Moore

You’ve heard of dogs who help people in unexpected ways, warning of the onset heart palpitations and irregularities and seizures. Some dogs even warn of diabetic crashes. Actress Mary Tyler Moore says she has one of those dogs, She told, “”He helps me with my diabetes –he can sense when something’s not right.” By…

Tribute to Senior Dogs

Love knows no age – Our own Lucy is 15 and doing ok. Still, I cried. 

Two-Legged Kitten

How’s this one – Gracie, the two-legged kitten – half the legs, all the spirit and fun: 

Daley Defends Animal Care and Control

Mayor – you’re kidding. Mayor Daley commented on the dogs killed in error at Animal Care and Control. If they were your dogs you sure as hell wouldn’t say, “They deal with thousands and thousands of dogs. Thousands. Thousands. Four. Let’s put everything in perspective.” I also love this DALEYISM: “Look, mistaken, it’s an accident,…

New Dogfighting Measure Has Teeth!

Following Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart’s dogfighting bust at a day care center last fall, the Sheriff appeared on my WLS-AM radio show. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart in Maywood last fall I suggested as horrific as dogfighting is – it’s even worse when kids are involved….and worse yet that this bust happened at a…

CNN's Anderson Cooper Reports Pets Are Dying Due to Oil Spill

I am not surprised by Anderson Cooper 360: Reporter’s Notebook that animals are being up in large numbers because of the oil spill. Responsible for wildlife deaths, increased unemployment, economic losses in fisheries and tourism, and now breaking up families as pets are being given up – BP star doesn’t shine so bright He writes…

Betty White Honored by Jane Goodall Institute

In 2009 Betty White was honored by the Jane Goodall Institute a lifetime dedicating and supporting animal welfare, and a PSA to support Chimpanzee protection. Here’s the introduction they did for Betty at their event.

Dog Saves Himself from Hot Car

Max, a hero to himself There’s something to be said about taking your life into your own hands, or ugh, paws. A Labrador Retriever in Upper Macungie Township, PA saved his own life. On July 12, Donna Gardner ran some errands with her dog, Max. When she returned home, she didn’t know Max remained in…

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