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Dog Saves Himself from Hot Car

Max, a hero to himself There’s something to be said about taking your life into your own hands, or ugh, paws. A Labrador Retriever in Upper Macungie Township, PA saved his own life. On July 12, Donna Gardner ran some errands with her dog, Max. When she returned home, she didn’t know Max remained in…

What Heartworm Looks Like

You don’t want this to be inside your dog (or cat or ferret). Heartworm disease can kill, but it’s preventable. Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes and this year, in particular, no shortage of the buzzers. Learn more about heartworm disease.

Summer Safety for Cats

           Where’s Sheriff Andy Taylor when you need him? In most places, if you phone the local sheriff or fire department to fetch a cat up a tree, you’ll only hear a bemused operator ask, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding?’ If you manage to convince emergency personnel to respond, you’ll likely be charged a fee.            …

Baby, It's Hot Out There

Tips for keeping pets safe in the summer      Dogs (and cats) die in hot cars: Okay, even if it’s only 80 outside (which doesn’t sound so bad), in 15 minutes, even with windows cracked open, it hits over 115 inside a car (according to a Stanford University) study. Not being able to cool themselves…

United Pet Group Pro-Pet and Excel Brand Products Recalled

United Pet Group, Cincinnati, Ohio is voluntarily expanding its recent recall of its Pro-Pet Adult Daily Vitamin Supplement tablets for Dogs to include additional pet nutritional supplement products for dogs and cats due to possible Salmonella contamination, according to the FDA website. A long list follows at the end of this story. The recalled products…

It's All About the Cat, Experts Speak Out

Celebrating Cats!! My latest WLS 890-AM On Demand show celebrates the cat – and by listening you can get a FREE copy of a cat welfare and care booklet call CATegorical Care. What’s the number one reason why cats die? No, not cancer, or kidney disease….it’s when cats begin to have accidents outside the litter…

Our Hormonal Treatments Impacting Our Pets

The spreading popularity of topical hormone treatments in people, particularly menopausal women, is having unintended medical consequences for the users’ pets, according to a recent report from the Veterinary Information News Service. Spayed dogs and young female puppies are showing up in veterinary exam rooms with markedly swollen vulvas as if they are in heat.…

Lindsey Wagner Eat Your Heart Out, Here's A Bionic Feline

A 2 1/2-year old cat in England, named Oscar, whose back legs were chopped off in a farming accident, has been given a new bionic pair. Not only doesn’t this happen every day, this is a first in veterinary medicine. The accident occurred in October (2009), see Oscar today for yourself – seeing is believing. 

Chicago Dog Friendly Areas and Dog Beaches, Steve Dale's Pet World, WLS

Way back when I helped created dog parks (referred to in Chicago as Dog Friendly Areas). And still, I’m the first to say – be careful! Dog parks can be great – but they’re not for all dogs under all circumstances. at the dog beach just north of Montrose Avenue Beach And what can you…

Edangered Species: U.S. Farmers

In a presumably well-meaning attempt to improve the quality of life for U.S. farm animals, legislative restrictions were passed in California (called the Farm Animal Cruelty Act, known as Proposition 2), and similar restrictions are now being suggested for Ohio and soon other states. This isn’t normally an area of focus for my shows, but…

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