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November 21 2011

Real Pet Lovers Don't Purchase Pets at the Pet Store

I am a pet advocate – therefore I generally support pet stores. Of course, they’re great places to purchase toys, treats, food – even winter garments and stylish holiday sweaters. However, pet stores are not such a great place to purchase puppies or kittens.. . arguably the last place you want to get a puppy…

November 16 2011

Jimmy Fallon on the Canine Influenza Virus

Jimmy Fallon just mentioned an outbreak of the dog flu (canine influenza virus) in New York City. He says, “You can avoid it by having your dogs drink from the toilet.” Not sure of that Jimmy – but a vaccine works. There are outbreaks of this very contagious around the country. If you’re traveling, find…

November 13 2011

American Animal Hospital Associaton's Helping Pets Fund Helps Owners in Need

LISTEN HERE to Dr. Kate Crumley is the Chairman of the Foundation of the American Animal Hospital Association’s Helping Pets Fund discusses how this fund helps people in need to care for their pets. I interviewed Dr. Crumley for my national radio shows, including  Steve Dale’s Pet World. With the economy as it is –…

November 10 2011

Man Found Not Guilty of Drugging Dog for Dog Show

Ralph Ullum, of Pennsylvania, who was accused of drugging a dog at a west suburban dog show in hopes of helping his girlfriend’s dog’s chances of winning was found not guilty on Wednesday, November 9,according to printed reports. DuPage County prosecutors alleged the 68-year-old Ullum slipped human drugs to a prize-winning Siberian Husky, named Pixie…

November 8 2011

The Problem of Overweight Pets, Loving Our Pets to Death

For reasons I can’t explain, I can’t locate William Hageman’s excellent story in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune , from November 6 , “The Incredibly Growing Pet” on the Trib’s website. It’s true,  about half of the pets in America are overweight. According to a new survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, approximately 53%…

November 3 2011

Kitten Socialization Class at Tree House Humane Society

It’s been a while – but I am offering a kitten socialization class at Tree House Humane Society. I call these classes Kitty-K.  These are like puppy classes, except they are specifically for kittens. Now there a few rules – the kittens must be veterinary checked. And we must have proof of that. And the…

November 3 2011

FDA Testing Pet Foods and Pet Treats for Salmonella

Over the past few years, there have been lots of pet food recalls – greatly due to concerns raised about salmonella contamination. Not only is this a concern for dogs and cats, it’s also a concern for people. It seems often there is a pet food recall, arguably too often. And the Food and Drug…

November 2 2011

Your Pets on Holiday Cards; Don't Stop the Heartworm or Flea Products, yet; Raising Furry Children

How would like photos of your pets on a holiday greeting card? LISTEN HERE TO THIS WGN RADIO PETCAST It’s a terrific and fun idea, and it’s free! Lisa Cohen of the Holiday Card Center explains. Though there is no fee to upload the photo(s) and you hope your pets are chosen – and if…

October 27 2011

Jack the Cat Was Lost, Now He Is Found

Jack the cat has miraculously emerged alive, but not so well. He’s currently in critical condition with a 50/50 chance of survival. The saga began on August 25 when Jack, a Norwegian Forest Cat, was was lost somewhere at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City.  Karen Pascoe was flying from New York to…

October 22 2011

Cats with a Legacy, Including One Cat Who Left Millions to Vet School

Funny, yesterday I bumped into the one time publisher of Dog World magazine. His first questions, “How’s Ricky?” I didn’t have time to explain that Ricky passed back in 2002 of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Ricky was a pretty famous cat at that time…appearing on Animal Planet, National Geographic and in all, dozens of TV…

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