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CATegorical Care: Free Cat Health and Welfare Guidebook

Hot off the press – created to support Adopt-A-Cat month from American Humane and the CATalyst Council: CATegorical Care: An Owner’s guide to America’s #1 Companion. This is a FREE guide (click above link to download) with the latest information on cat health and welfare meant for both novice and experienced cat owners. Here are…

Tree House Humane Society Very Important Cat Reception

The Tree House Humane Society VIC (VERY IMPORTANT CAT) reception, held at the Ashland Avenue shelter on June 12. Lots of donors who care deeply about cats came. Click through the gallery – and you’ll read about four important announcements for Tree House. 

Bone Vivant Brunch for Dr. Rubin

Lake Shore Animal Shelter, Chicago’s oldest no-kill shelter, honored Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years of service to the community on June 13 at the Swissotel. The hotel was terrific to all who attended, whether they had two legs or four. If you missed out, here are some highlights. 

Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy and Cutting Edge Medicine Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS

It’s not every day that a Grammy Award winner appears on Steve Dale’s Pet Word at 890-AM WLS, 2 pm cst Saturday, June 12. Singer/Songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy talks about her new tune, “Who’s Saving Who.” Mary Ann Kennedy and Reba McIntyre Mary Ann Kennedy This song is amazing – check out some of the…

Is Prozac All in The Mind: Ask An Anxious Dog

I know why this story in Discover: Psychologist Says Antidepressants Are Just Fancy Placebos can’t possibly be true. The story contends that ant-depressant drugs are pretty much just an expensive sugar pill. First, backing up one step – scientists absolutely agree that depression (and related anxiety issues) are created by a chemical imbalance. The drugs…

Iams ProActive Health Canned Cat and Kitten Food Recalled

Traveling to Anaheim for a veterinary conference, I couldn’t get to a computer on time to post when the Iams ProActive Health Canned Cat and Kitten Food recall announcement was released as news on June 9. Since, it made the news – at first, I didn’t think I needed to post. I decided to post…

Join In the Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Chicago’s doesn’t have a veterinarian named James Heriot, but we did have Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years caring for and treating pets, advocating for laws beneficial to pets and appearing in the media to disseminate information. Lake Shore Animal Shelter is honoring Dr. Rubin with a Bone Vivant thank you brunch, June 13 at…

Thank Dog For Our Best Friends

I’ve long said – there is no relationship on the planet like dog/people….what one completely unrelated species will risk their own life to save the other? Of course, this goes both ways….dogs do it for us, and who (at least reading this) wouldn’t risk their life for a dog? I’ve also long suggested (at first…

Diabetic Cats and Pets in Wedding Parties on Steve Dale's Pet World on 890-AM, WLS

What’s going on with diabetes and cats? Diabetes is occurring more than ever. Feline veterinarian Dr. Colleen Currigan on Steve Dale’s Pet World today (Saturday, June 5), 890-AM WLS at 2 p.m. cst. Dr. Colleen Currigan Feel free to phone in or text your questions. And you can listen online. -Can cats avoid diabetes? –…

Remember Military Working Dogs on Memorial Day

Those who stand up for our nation in time of war, putting themselves in harm’s way, are heroes. We honor the men and women of the U.S. Military this Memorial Day. And there’s one more group that deserves recognition: the dogs of the U.S. military. “No one knows how many lives have been saved (by…

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