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Articles: veterinary health

September 2 2011

Dogs and Ticks, Myth vs Fact – You Take the Test

Disease-carrying ticks pose health risks to dogs and people, no matter where they live.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that tick disease occurs in every U.S. state, and it seems tick population and therefore tick disease is actually on the rise. Since signs of tick-borne diseases are difficult to recognize in both…

September 1 2011

Catching Up on Pet Books: A Dog's Journey to a Comphrensive Cat Book

A lifetime journey with a dog of a life, a great training book to enhance your relationship with your pup, a cat book that has it all – and much more. Check out a half dozen recent reads:

August 25 2011

Top Shelf Pet Foods, If Only We Understood What They Are

I appreciated the story in the redeye by Leonor Vivanco, called Top Shelf Pet Food.  I enjoyed reading quotes from my friend, and Tree House Humane Society Development Director Jenny Schlueter, who I believe probably feeds her pets as well as she feeds herself, and truly cares – that’s great. However, so many of the…

August 25 2011

Pets May Be Banned on Canadian Planes, U.S. Could be Next

For reasons I personally don’t exactly understand, a new resolution was adopted in St. John’s Canada on Tuesday,  August 23,  from the Canadian Medical Association recommending a ban of all pets on airplanes (except for certified service animals) traveling inside the cabin. According to the doctors, their concern are for passengers with allergies. However, as…

August 24 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Foster 2 Home, Pet Adoptions, Dog Saving Network, and Taking Pet's Photos

This Petcast features variety, a new Foster organization to a benefit canine talent show to a new column at to taking photos of your pets to learning more about flea and tick products. Listen HERE to this WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World PETCAST.   (may take a few moments to load) Fosters and rescues…

August 23 2011

American Humane Associaiton Offers Pet Meets Baby

By Steve Dale Lots of families expecting their first baby already consider a pet their “baby.” They convince themselves that Fido or Fluffy will get the same attention as always when their real baby arrives. Of course, that doesn’t happen. Not only are some pets not equipped to handle the smelly, screaming new arrival, but…

August 23 2011

Is Your Cat Not Feeling Well? How Can You Tell?

Celebrate Take Your Cat to the Vet week (August 22-28) – having your cat visit the veterinarian for a twice annual preventative exam is really important. This is an initiative supported by and the CATalyst Council. Sadly, cats – on average – see the veterinarian less than half as often as dogs. Presumably, there…

August 21 2011

What to do With Spraying Cats

So, oh my gosh, your cat or maybe more than one cat in your house has begun to spray…What to do? Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, of CEVA Animal Health, feline veterinarian and author of “Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life”

August 21 2011

ACVIM Board-certified Veterinary Oncologist About Cancers in Our Pets

At the 209 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum in Montreal, I spoke with veterinary oncologist Dr. Louis-Philipe deLormier. There’s some question about how true the story is about the dog who saved the 6-year old. No matter, we know cancer is on the rise in dogs. Hardly anyone hasn’t had a pet or…

August 19 2011

Take Your Cat to the Vet Week

If you have a cat (or know someone who does), proclaims August 22 to 28 Take Your Cat to the Vet Week!  And I VERY much endorse the idea. Elevating the status of cats, that’s why we began the CATalyst Council. Sadly, their status does require a jolt. Here are some facts: Cats are…

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