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Articles: veterinary health

October 16 2011

Who Wants Fleas?

Did you know that equal or exceeding the spring as a ‘flea season’ is the fall? Your average squirrel or opossum carries as many or often more fleas in October as compared to April or May – and this is true everywhere in America. Of course, if you live in Northern climates, January isn’t an…

October 14 2011

Transcripts of FIP Symposium with Legendre and Pederson now Available

The transcript of The 2011 sold-out 33rd Annual Winn Feline Foundation Symposium, WINNing the FIP Fight, featuring legendary veterinarians Dr. Niels Pederson and Dr. Al Legendre, is HERE (compliments of the Veterinary Information Network). Audio of Niels Pederson HERE (compliments of Pet World Radio/Black Dog Radio Productions) Audio of Al Legendre HERE (compliments of Pet…

October 11 2011

Consider Vaccinating for the Canine Influenza Virus

Have you had your flu shot? Well, I don’t really mean you – I mean your dog! The Canine Influenza Virus is rampant where there are outbreaks, currently in places in New England and Texas. There was a brief outbreak in Chicago….and it could happen anytime again, anywhere and without warning. That’s how the dog…

October 10 2011

How Cats Become Infected with FIP, Dr. Diane Addie

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) remains what’s considered a fatal disease in cats, mostly kittens. This new video from Dr. Diane Addie describes how FIP occurs. For new news and new hope for cats with FIP, click here to hear Dr. Al Legendre and Dr. Niels Pederson at the 2011 Winn Feline Foundation Symposium.

October 6 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Driving on Lake Shore Drive and Crisis, Declining Veterinary Visits

Listen HERE to this Petcast (may take a moment to Load) Do you think you know Chicago? One test is if know what these words are all about….. There’s a road I’d like to tell you ’bout, lives in my hometown…. From iconic Chicago song, Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta, Haynes and Jerimiah….Skip Haynes may…

September 29 2011

Shared Risk Factors Of Cancer Between Cats and People

Increasingly and finally – dogs are being used as models to study human disease, since they occur naturally in dogs. Now,  a large-scale study on cat intestinal cancer at MU University College of Veterinary Medicine provides new insight to pet diseases and may indicate environmental factors causing cancer in humans, and our feline friends are…

September 28 2011

Love Has No Age Limit, Adopting Shelter Dogs Is a Good Idea

By Steve Dale Sometimes a bond with an animal just happens. Applied animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell quickly bonded with Cool Hand Luke. The border collie was about a year old when she brought him home. “It seems we had a special connection; I just felt that,” she recalls. It turns out she was right. Only…

September 23 2011

Pet Behavior Myths

I love this story at DVM 360, “!0 Life Threatening Behavior Myths,” by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Valerie Tynes. It’s a particularly well written read but an important one because animals really do lose their lives as a result of these myths. Behavior problems continue to be the leading cause of relinquishment and euthanasia of pets…

September 22 2011

Beware of the Dog Flu

By Steve Dale It’s that time of year. Flu shots are being offered again — for people and for dogs. It’s not unusual to see Dr. Andrea Dennis, of Bloomfield, CT, examining dogs in the veterinary clinic’s parking lot. If any are suspected of having the canine flu, that’s where the initial exam is conducted.…

September 21 2011

American Humane Associaton Hero Dog Award Winners

The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards will air on November 11 on the Hallmark Channel. Hero dogs will be honored for their amazing accomplishments in eight categories. Among those attending this red carpet gala, a sort of Golden Globes for pets – except that instead of the booze flowing freely, there is Cesar Canine…

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