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Landmines in Chicago

Do people think the stuff melts with snow? Why don’t people bother picking up after their dogs in the snow. I just took a walk – and discovered landmines all over. It’s true there are some potential health issues to people, according to parisitologist Dr. Dwight Bowman of the Companion Animal Parasite Council and Cornell…

New Year's Resolutions for Pets

Visitors to my Steve Dale Facebook fan page offered lots of New Year’s resolutions for their pets. Here’s a sampling: Of course, cats are already ‘purrfect’ just as they are – and they will tell you so at each opportunity “Cats don’t need resolutions; they already know they’re perfect the way they are.” — J.R.,…

WLS On Demand Podcast: All About Heart Disease, the Truth About Cats, Cat Adoption and a Conversation with Fred Winston

Listening to the Steve Dale’s Pet World podcast free and it’s easy…just click HERE and then click play….and be ready to hear really good information about cats and dogs, about heart health, cat adoption and cat care. Darlene Arden is a dog and cat behavior consultant who happens to be an expert on small dogs…

10 'Easy' Ways to Pill A Cat: Try Them Yourself

This is SO funny…I don’t love the way behavior modification is portrayed…but it’s still all in good fun….and I’m thinking if you ever tried to pill a cat you can relate. So, how do you pill a cat? 

Kroger Recalls Pet Foods

Press release on Kroger Pet Food recall:  CINCINNATI, Ohio, December 18, 2010 – The Kroger Co. said today it is recalling select packages of pet food sold in some of its retail stores because the products may contain aflatoxin, which poses a health risk to pets.   Kroger stores in the following states are included in…

WLS Podcast, Steve Dale Celebrates Year of the Cat

Listening back, my favorite 890-AM WLS Petcasts in 2010, this installment celebrates cats, and was recorded in conjunction with Adopt-A-Cat month. Listen here for the cat Petcast. At this time CATegorical Care (which I wrote with Beth Adelman and Amy Shojai) was released by the American Humane Association in conjunction with the CATalyst Council. It…

Susan Logan Presented with 2010 Winn Feline Foundation Media Award

Susan Logan, editor Cat Fancy magazine, is awarded Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award. The press release is here. Susan Logan This is my personal perspective you won’t read anywhere else. First off, the Winn Feline Foundation has been funding cat health research for over 40 years. It is the only organization that as the…

Cats and Bows at Christmas

This video is fun, pretty benign – but still string and tinsel can cause an obstruction, requiring life saving surgery….Lets allow the veterinarians to have a day off, keep anything cats may play and swallow out of their reach (or don’t use them at all!).  

Dr. Rubin's Favorite Things

Oprah has her favorite things, and Dr. Sheldon Rubin has his favorite things. Roll around the Treatball, and Dr. Rubin will pick up the kibble. Point the laser light, and Dr. Rubin will chase it. Your pets’ best friend – veterinarians like Dr. Rubin. If your pet hasn’t been to the veterinarian in six months,…

Trap, Neuter, Return Or Trap and Shoot?

A recently released report from the University of Nebraska Extension, called “Feral Cats and Their Management,” (for a PDF of the document click here)  actually endorses catching feral cats in barbaric traps, and also whipping out a gun to shoot unwanted cats. Do you really want to see this in your community, moreover do you…

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