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Articles: veterinary health

June 10 2011

Return of the Plague?

The bubonic plague is an illness dating back to the Middle Ages. As proof that diseases don’t just disappear – it seems the plague is back in several states including Oregon, where a case was confirmed Tuesday (June 7) in a cat in Prineville, OR. Rats and other rodents can carry the fleas which are…

June 9 2011

Lyme Disease Appears to be on the Rise: In Dogs and People

Even AARP is expressing concern about an increase in Lyme Disease, a topic I’ve written about here for some time. The story is most mostly focused on Lyme Disease in people, explaining that it can start with a bull’s eye rash Deer tick bite in a person and that achy feeling you get when you…

June 9 2011

Can Music Sooth the Nervous Soul

A Colorado State University veterinarian and psychologist are studying whether playing music in the waiting room will calm both cats and their owners. And if classical stylings help to calm frazzled nerves there, it may work in animal shelters. Of course, June is American Humane Association’s June is Adopt-A-Cat Month. Colorado State University veterinarian Dr.…

June 8 2011

Readily Available Flea and Tick Products Might Not be the Bargain You Think

By Steve Dale   The question isn’t so much, should you protect your pets from fleas and ticks, but instead, where should you buy flea and products, and how do you decide what to buy? Oh, what to choose? So many choices, but not all the possible choices are at any store. How do you…

June 7 2011

First Season Visit to Dog Beach: Etiquette Issues

There were some hiccups in etiquette during our first visit this season to the the Chicago dog Beach, North of Montrose Avenue.  

June 7 2011

Pig Ear Chew Recall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – June 3, 2011 – Bravo! is voluntarily recalling select boxes of Bravo! Pig Ears Chews because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The products affected by this recall includes only Bravo! 50 ct bulk Oven roasted Pig Ears Product Code: 75-121 Lot # 12-06-10. Salmonella can affect animals…

June 6 2011

How to Select the Purr-fect Cat

Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council on selecting the Purr-fect cat from a shelter or rescue, especially during June, Adopt-a-Cat Month. Check out this American Veterinary Medical Association Animal Tracks podcast . Might be better to adopt adults rather than kittens, depends on your circumstance. Might also be better to adopt two,…

June 5 2011

WGN Radio Petcast: Prevent Heartworm, Positives of Animal Assisted Therapy, Chicago's Most Talented Dogs

Dr. Sheldon Rubin on WGN Petcast WGN Radio Petcast Listen HERE. (may take a few seconds to load) I’ve never seen anyone get so excited about heartworm disease. In fact, I get a little worried. Dr. Sheldon Rubin, who at this point has his own radio fan club, talks about heartworm prevention and reveals new…

June 5 2011

Pit Bull Fact and Fiction

Pit Bulls today really do get a bad rap. A recent story told the truth. Historically, Pit Bulls have always been terrific family dogs. It’s true, from Poodles to Pomeranians – all dogs are loyal, and love their families…Somehow, some way that devotion ranks even higher among Pit Bulls. In fact, they were chosen…

June 4 2011

WINNing the FIP Fight: Winn Feline Foundation Symposium

American Humane Association’s Adopt A Cat Month celebrates what we’re learning about cat health. The worst thing that can happen to any cat is feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) – it’s a fatal disease, and worst of all it mostly affect little babies, kittens. WINNing the FIP Fight, sign up for the symposium….space is dwindling (the…

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