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June 4 2011

Tick Disease May be On the Rise

       Published in the American Veterinary Medical Association daily SmartBriefs….Veterinarian Dr. Frank Mondi of the New Hartford Animal Hospital says that tick-born diseases have reached endemic level in the Mohawk Valley in New york State, near Utica. This is relevant to Chicago – even the rest of the nation for these reasons: Regions where tick…

June 1 2011

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month

During June’s Adopt-a-Cat Month, Leading National Animal Organizations Say Two Feline Friends Are Better Than One ——- American Humane Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, CATalyst Council, and Petfinder Offer Top 10 Checklist for Cat Parents and Parents-To-Be   WASHINGTON, D.C. – Millions of Americans will heed the national call to visit their local shelter or…

May 31 2011

Primal Pet Foods Recall

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 28, 2011 – Primal Pet Foods has initiated a voluntary recall of their Feline Chicken & Salmon Formula with a “Best By” date code of 043112-17 because this product may be contaminated with Salmonella.  The only product affected is limited to Feline Chicken & Salmon Formula with a “Best By”…

May 27 2011

One State May Pass New Rules on Veterinary Drugs

According to DVM 360, veterinarians in Pennsylvania may be required to provide pet owners better documentation about medication uses, dosages and contraindications if drugs are administered outside of the veterinary hospital. Senate Bill 768, introduced in March, would mandate that veterinarians provide clients with information sheets from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that explain…

May 15 2011

Claryfying the Latest on Heartworm Disease

From my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, hear an interview with Dr, Doug Carrithers, director of applied research and publications at Merial Dr. Doug Carithers He attempts to explain what’s going on in the world of heartworm disease, addressing rumors of the heartworm developing resistance to preventatives. He says the key is using…

May 15 2011

Are You a Guardian or an Owner of a Pet or Companion Animal?

What’s that furry critter next to you? Once again we seem to have a prestigious group of individuals telling us that being a pet just isn’t good enough. The latest is from reverend Andrew Linzey, PhD, DD, and his fellow editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics have put out a call for us to…

May 14 2011

Your Pet Ate It – Now What?

Dr. Justine Lee, a critical care veterinary specialist and the associate director of Veterinary Services at Pet Poison Helpline. She talks about how you can tell if it’s really emergency. And common pharmaceuticals which are helpful to you, but dangerous for pets. Lee is the author of “It’s A Cat’s World…You Just Live in It”…

May 14 2011

If there Are Mosquitoes, There's Heartworm Disease

Released May 13, the 2010 heartworm incidence survey conducted by the American Heartworm Society (AHS) reveals that the message is not getting out there about heartworm prevention….PREVENTION, that ‘s the thing. This disease is preventable (at least in nearly all cases). american heartworm society incidence map Yet, without owners compliant in giving a preventative those…

May 13 2011

New CEO/President, Morris Animal Foundation

Dr. David Haworth joins Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) as New President and CEO. It’s extremely important – because MAF is a significant funder of companion animal, and also zoo animal research. So much of what we know about solving animal health problems today, from medications, to vaccines, to the basic genetic knowledge comes from research…

May 13 2011

Ticks Are Everywhere!

Veterinary parisitologist Dr. Michael Dryden of Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine says there are more ticks today than EVER! And ticks are everywhere, from the flat lands of Kansas to big city parks (even Chicago) to New England to the South and Pacific Northwest. If there are deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife…

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