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December 2 2010

WLS Podcast: Inspirational Dog Stories, and Dr. MacPete on FIP and Diabetes in Cats

Listen (for free! – with a single click) to a conversation with Allen and Linda Anderson, authors of “Dogs & the Women Who Love Them.” It’s a spiritual and inspiring book and conversation, but Steve complains, what about the men who love dogs? Dr. Ruth MacPete Dr. Ruth MacPete, who is with Cat Fancy magazine,…

November 24 2010

Dr. Jane Doe for Meowsky Citizen of the Year

Dr. Jane Lohmar is the second honoree of the annual Meowsky Pets’ Citizen of the Year Award. Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm has officially named Dr. Jane Doe – a dog rope toy – to honor Dr. Jane. Dr. Jane Doe, available at Barker and Meowsky Lohmar was an bank executive when she decided…

November 23 2010

Talking Turkey for Pets on Thanksgiving

I will be hollered at for this by the veterinary community, but the reality is that a little bit of turkey (sans fat) won’t hurt most pets. Who knows, the trytophan may calm them down. The problem is that we tend to all be Jewish, (or Italian, or Polish – you choose your ethnicity) grandmas…

November 20 2010

Elmo's Story: All Pets Wellness Foundation

The All Pets Wellness Foundation advocates to provide funds to care for sick, older and injured pets whose owners cannot afford the treatments. This is Elmo’s Story:

November 17 2010

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Anal Sacs, And May Be Afraid to Ask

Dogs and cats express themselves by barking, or purring….but then there’s another kind of expression which happens from the other end. Here’s a helpful, and future Academy Award winning video about anal glands. Happy holidays and enjoy.

October 30 2010

Deaf Have Super Vision: Cat Study Points to Brain Reorganization

It makes sense that with one sense declines – say eyesight, for example – hearing heightens. At least those have always been the reports. But how true is that really?  Researchers at The University of Western Ontario, led by Stephen Lomber of The Centre for Brain and Mind have discovered there is a causal link…

October 29 2010

Video Explanation of FIP

Dr. Diane Addie, one of the world’s most respected researchers of feline infectious diseases, and she (and others) created this video explanation of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Indeed, FIP is very complex disease. Even it’s the name is misleading….FIP is a freaky mutation of the infectious corona virus. However, FIP itself is actually not contagious.…

October 28 2010

Betty White Might Judge Your Cat

Betty White is everywhere these days, even popping up as the judge for the Morris Animal Foundation Happy Healthy Cat photo contest, sponsored by Sergeant’s. This contest is for cats only (except the category of cats and dogs living together), please do not enter your pet giraffe. So, how good looking is cat? Felines entrants…

October 27 2010

Save Our Kittens: Please Support FIP Research

FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) offers no hope – it’s deadly, and sadly this disease mostly affects kittens. There is SO much Misinformation about FIP. So, I went to the dude who literally wrote the book on infectious disease in cats, Dr. Niels Pedersen, University of California Davis. In a WLS Radio Podcast, he offers what…

October 21 2010

If Dogs Can Wear Collars, Why Not Cats?

Almost three out of four cats will tolerate collars, according to new veterinary research, published at We typically assume our cats won’t do much – other than what they decide to do. Of course, this is true to an extent. But the truth is that in almost 60 percent of cases, the cats’ tolerance…

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