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December 17 2020

Dr. Stephen Ettinger: A Legendary Perspective on Veterinary Medicine in the Pandemic

It’s an honor for me to chat with legendary veterinarian Dr. Stephen Ettinger .  Among other books, Dr Ettinger lead editor the many editions of the Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine, the gold standard in veterinary internal medicine. In over 50 years of veterinary medicine, Dr. Ettinger has seen it all.  Or he thought he has.…

December 8 2020

Arthritis in Dogs is Surprisingly Common

Superstar certified veterinary technician Cara Burns says arthritis in dogs is far more common than most of us might know or think about.  It’s also the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs. Obviously geriatric dogs are more likely to suffer from arthritis, but it occurs far more often than you might think is…

October 17 2020

Cures4Cats Day: Crush Feline Diabetes

Happy Cures4Cats Day: October 17, and the remainder of this month into next month (November is National Diabetes Month), the Winn Feline Foundation will raise dollars to support studies of diabetes in cats. Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit funder of cat health studies. It turns out that so much of what we know about…

October 12 2020

National Vet Tech Week

This has been a really hard time for veterinary professionals. Pet parents are on edge (like all everyone in the U.S., it seems), uneasy about the pet going into the clinic without them, and in some cases -with so many out of work -unable to afford the bill. Absolutely, veterinarians are dealing with all this…

September 14 2020

Supporting Diversity and Increasing Access to Veterinary Care

For many years now (about since its inception) I’ve been a participant in the Banfield  Pet Healthcare Industry Summit where important topics relating to your pets are discussed by leaders in the industry. Banfield (and other companies within the Mars family) are not only publicly saying there is a diversity issue within the veterinary profession,…

August 23 2020

New 24-Hour PROZINC Diabetic Product for Dogs

Less worry for diabetic pets, this new product this product, called  PROZINC, is from Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health and it is  a once daily administration and approved for dogs.  Boehringer Ingelheim unveiled a new presentation of PROZINC® (protamine zinc recombinant human insulin) with the proven benefit of once-daily dosing in most canine diabetic patients. Now,…

August 19 2020

Carprofen (Generic Rimadyl) Is Now a Chewable for Dogs with Arthritis

Getting any dog, particularly an older dog, to take a pill can be a challenge and impact the human animal bond may suffer. When it’s a challenge to pill a pet, sometimes people just give up. A pill a dog isn’t getting doesn’t help. Carprofen is the generic version on a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug called…

August 17 2020

Preventing Heartworm in Dogs and Cats

Dr. Michael Dryden is a veterinary parasitologist and Distinguished Professor of Veterinary Parasitology Department of Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology at Kansas State University. On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, he notes mosquitoes are here and there and everywhere, and they carry heartworm disease. Up to a million dogs are still getting life-threatening…

August 3 2020

One Health is a Hot Topic with Dr. Michael Lappin

One Heath is how animals interact with us and with our environment – and that topic has never been more relevant than today. It appears clear that the pandemic causing SARS CoV-2 (the novel corona virus) began at a so-called wet market or animal market in China with a bat and likely an intermediary species…

July 19 2020

Finally Chicago Closing a Loophole so No Dogs, Cats or Rabbits are Sold at Pet Stores; Also Enriching Cat Lives

Because of puppy mills, over 355 cities and many counties have now banned the sales of dogs and cats (and also rabbits in some cities) at pet stores. Cari Meyers, founder of the Puppy Mill Project and Illinois Director of the Humane Society of the United States Marc Ayers join me HERE on my Steve…

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