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Dog Falls 16-Stories and Lives to Bark About It

Perhaps, you’ve heard of cats with 9-lives, falling from high building and surviving – but how about dogs? Susie, a 4-year-old Multipoo survived a near 16 story fall on Saturday, June 14 . In fact, what’s more amazing is that Susie suffered no serious internal injuries or broken bones. The incident happened when the dog…

Dog Poop: The Land Mines Are Everywhere

Dog poop is everywhere. Warning! There are little land mines strewn all around.  Sunday (April 6), 6:35AM (CDT) on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio listen at 720AM or here. Linda Zager and Brett Burke of the River North Residents Association Pet Owner’s Committee talk about what they’re doing to keep their neighborhood cleaner. Vikki Ortiz…

Great Cat Food Debate: Moist Food or Dry Food, Which Is It?

Q: I recently discovered your radio show and listen each week from Spain. My husband and I are researching the best food possible for our cat. There is great debate over dry food vs. wet. What do you recommend? — A.M.V., Madrid, Spain A: The good news is, owners increasingly care, and care passionately, about…

Homeowner's Insurance Breed Discrimination, With Chuck Goudie

Can you imagine being insured for homeowner’s insurance for years without incident – then you do a very good thing, and adopt or rescue a dog, maybe Rottweiler or pit bull-type dog. You identify the dog to the insurer and then you are summarily dropped from the policy. Or you’re now asked to pay more…

New Influenza Virus Discovered

Don’t let a Peruvian bat sneeze on you. But if you do, likely you won’t be infected. A brand new influenza virus has been found in Peruvian bats, according to a new study from researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus, called A/bat/Peru/10, belongs to a  of flu viruses which mainly infect birds, but can…

Halloween Pet Saftey with Dr. Shelly Rubin

Haunted dogs? Is that possible? One of world’s most renowned experts on the spooky pets, Dr. Sheldon Rubin exorcises on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Sunday, October 27 at 6:30 a.m. CDT, 720 AM, or listen here. We will also seriously discuss Halloween safety, to prevent accidents – so your pet doesn’t land at Chicago Veterinary…

Hug Your Veterinary Technician

Veterinarians don’t save lives alone. When a pet is rushed to emergency surgery, it’s likely a veterinary technician is administering anesthesia. Veterinary technicians often intervene in behavioral issues, which if not rectified might mean the pet lands in a shelter. The National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week, October 13…

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