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March 9 2015

Pet Store Owner Defends Lawsuit Against Ban on Pet Store Sales

Dogs and cats sold at pet stores aren’t from puppy mills, where are they from. The proposed ordinance, Chicago Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance., to limit pet store sales has been held up (for now) by the Federal lawsuit  I speak with CLTV Politics Tonight host Paul Lisnek about it. One of the complaints in the lawsuit…

March 4 2015

Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills

Bans on pet stores selling animals from puppy mills and commercial facilities make sense to veterinarians and veterinary technicians too. That’s why they created Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills. One of the co-founders of Veterinary Professionals Against Puppy Mills, Dr. Jane Lohmar, joins me on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE. Dr. Lohmar…

February 27 2015

Maine May Limit Pet Store Sales, Veterinary Professionals Support Abolishing Puppy Mills

Bans on pet stores selling animals from commercial breeders and puppy mills are sweeping the country. Over 70 communities in the U.S. and Canada are on board, but now an entire state may join the act. Maine Rep. Kimberly Monaghan,( D-Cape Elizabeth) says her bill – “An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Dogs and Cats…

February 25 2015

Veterinary Professionals Stand Together Against Puppy Mills

“I don’t understand how in a country of animal lovers, puppy mills can be tolerated,” says Chicago veterinarian Dr. Scott Rovner. “Now, we’ve finally begun to speak up and do something about it; we need to.” Rovner and a Chicago colleague, Dr. Jane Lohmar (with this reporter) recently founded a loosely-knit organization called Veterinary Professionals…

February 21 2015

Chicago Pet Store Ban Faces Federal Lawsuit

Pet store industry couldn’t take it anymore, as community after community has banned sales of dogs and cats (and in some places rabbits) at pet stores. The movement to support the bans began and continues as a grass roots effort because pet lovers have had it with the supply of these animals, which, of course,…

February 16 2015

No One Wants Puppy Mills

Q: I know you’ve been very involved in the effort to fight puppy mills, which you should be praised for. However, I’ve read that the local veterinary (medical) association is opposed to the idea of preventing pets stores from selling dogs or cats because they feel it will drive more pet owners to purchase online.…

January 3 2015

Simon's Cat Wants Happier Veterinary Visits

Cats don’t like veterinarians – or that is the common accepted view. I disagree! Cats, like us, don’t like repeating bad experiences. So, if a previous veterinary visit was perceived as stressful, you bet, the next one will be far more stressful.  When your cat is stressed, then you are stressed….and then the cat becomes…

August 8 2014

Thunderstorm Anxiety; Fighting Cats; Pit Bulls: New Research from Veterinary Behavior Symposium

DENVER, CO. — A nutritional supplement with green tea as a primary ingredient can help dogs with thunderstorm anxiety; a new tool to inspire peace among dueling cats; and what it means to be called a pit bull when you’re a shelter dog. Investigators revealed their findings on these and other study topics during the…

June 16 2014

Dog Falls 16-Stories and Lives to Bark About It

Perhaps, you’ve heard of cats with 9-lives, falling from high building and surviving – but how about dogs? Susie, a 4-year-old Multipoo survived a near 16 story fall on Saturday, June 14 . In fact, what’s more amazing is that Susie suffered no serious internal injuries or broken bones. The incident happened when the dog…

April 5 2014

Dog Poop: The Land Mines Are Everywhere

Dog poop is everywhere. Warning! There are little land mines strewn all around.  Sunday (April 6), 6:35AM (CDT) on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio listen at 720AM or here. Linda Zager and Brett Burke of the River North Residents Association Pet Owner’s Committee talk about what they’re doing to keep their neighborhood cleaner. Vikki Ortiz…

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