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Dr. Natalie Marks on WGN: Fear Free Makes a Difference for Pets

Fear Free is more than a new buzz word in the veterinary medicine, it is a new way to practice medicine – not only for individual veterinarians and veterinary nurses (technicians), but for entire veterinary practice. On Steve Dale’s Pet World, on WGN Radio, I talk HERE with Dr. Natalie Marks about what this Fear…

Cat Behaviors Explained

This one WGN Radio listener and reader, named Diane, has several questions: “I have two 10-year old sister cats, Daisy and Moonglow.  I rescued them at an auction. They are wonderful indoor cats. I love just about every animal in the world; however, cats rule my world. I have questions concerning some of their habits.” Q: “Moonglow…

Pets Terrorized of Fireworks? Now What?

You’ve waited ‘till now to get your pet help for the fear of fireworks, there’s little time for behavior modification techniques to work by July 4. Still, don’t despair – not all is lost. Depending on your pet’s level of fear – distraction might work. Take your pet into a room most away from the…

Feliway Decreases Stress of Veterinary Exams

The Winn Feline Foundation supports funding for cat health studies for the past 50 years. Winn Feline mostly funds studies to support physical health, but studies have also supported emotional health. One major obstacle to visiting the veterinarian is the fear, anxiety and stress cats experience during the visit. Clients then become stressed, and even…

Rain May Be Linked to Increase in Leptospirosis

More rain means more water on the ground, even puddles. Rain might be associated with the spread of leptospirosis. This is a bacterial infection which dogs (or potentially even people) can get from infected wildlife. Rodents (like city rats) are especially adept at spreading lepto by urinating in a puddle, condo retention pond, river, stream…

Dog Flu Update on Facebook Live Event

Dog flu is now inundating New York City. There is a reason June 20 is Dog Flu Awareness Day. Here and there, the canine influenza virus (CIV) continues to pop up around America, still on the West Coast, in Chicago it lives and in many other locals aside from the Big Apple. And it may…

Dog Flu Hits Manhattan, Following Brooklyn

Dog flu is spreading throughout New York, from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It’s too early to discern how quickly the H3N2 strain is spreading or how many dogs have been sickened – but it is happening.  And the spread of flu may be  hastened by the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and summer travel in general.  When…

Cannabis for Pets

Registered veterinary technicians Liz Hughston and Stephen Cital of the Veterinary Cannabis Academy talk on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show HERE about one of the hottest topics in veterinary medicine, the use of cannabis products for our pets. Can cannabis help our pets? And if so, how? The good news is that there…

Talk About Nutrition EVERY Veterinary Visit

Kara Burns, president of National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America also teaches nutrition. Kara is the Founder and President of the Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians and has attained her VTS (Nutrition). I spoke with Kara HERE on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Nutritional assessments are important EVERY veterinary visit – and…

Pets Scratching Too Much

Our dogs and cats scratch, but what’s normal pet itchiness or scratching just because they are dogs or cats, compared with – ok now there’s an issue? HEAR veterinary dermatologist Dr. Heather Edgington on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. First know that itching is not only seen with scratching….What? Dr. Edgington explains what she…

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