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February 28 2021

Birds for Dummies; Do Dogs Truly Love Us on WGN Radio

Kim Campbell Thornton and Dr. Brian Speer, co-authors (with Gina Spadafori) of  Birds for Dummies offer chicken talk on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio. Listen HERE to learn everything birds, from chickens to assorted parrots. Chickens are a trend all over the Chicago area, and throughout the country. Dr. Speer and Kim theorize as…

February 25 2021

Ice-Cream War Winner Announced, Paul Lisnek and Windy City Sweets

So, what is this ice-cream war with Paul Lisnek at Windy City Sweets all about? How did it all begin? And most important who won? If you missed the outcome, you can HEAR it right here from my afternoon WGN Radio show Steve Dale’s Other World. So who won? Was it Steve’s banana pudin’ ice-cream…

February 24 2021

Everyone Grew Up Listening to Tommy Edwards, and the Folks He Hired

Tommy Edwards’ book title is perfect, I Grew Up Listening to You: Stories from Behind the Mic.  HEAR my conversation with Tommy on my WGN Radio afternoon Steve Dale’s Other World show. It’s charming and delightful with little Snotnose Tommy. We talk about Larry Lujack and how and why Tommy Edwards had “chemistry” with him,…

February 18 2021

Dating Expert Bela Gandhi on WGN Radio

On my Sunday afternoon Steve Dale’s Other World show, I talk HERE with dating coach and founder of Smart Dating Academy, Bela Gandhi, about the new challenges the pandemic has created when it comes to dating and finding that “forever love.” Interestingly, Bela offers plusses of virtual dating. There isn’t “wham, bam, thank you mam.”…

February 15 2021

Zoo Legend Celebrates 100 Years: Hear Our Conversation

Dr. Lester Fisher, director of the Lincoln Park Zoo 1962 to 1992, celebrates his 100th birthday HERE on my Steve Dale’s Other World Show WGN Radio.  We begin with a clip from the great Ray Rayner, who regularly featured Dr. Fisher, often in a segment called “Ark in the Park.” I grew up watching these…

February 15 2021

Your Pandemic Puppy; Preparing for the End of Life on WGN Radio

Dr. Marty Greer, author of Your Pandemic Puppy: Finding and Raising a Well Adjusted Dog During COVID-19, talks HERE on my Steve Dale’s Pet World program on WGN Radio. We begin by talking about the very names people are giving puppies and kitties adopted during the pandemic. And discuss all the adoptions on the rise. Basic…

February 8 2021

Now EveryCat Health Foundation: Every Cat Benefits

For over 50 years, the Winn Feline Foundation has been funding cat health studies. Board President Dr. Drew Weigner here on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio makes the announcement: Moving forward, the non-profit organization will be called EveryCat Health Foundation. Dr. Weigner explains how the Winn Feline Foundation first began. Beginning with $150 in…

February 6 2021

Theater on the Lake Restaurant

John Wrenn, owner of Theater on the Lake / Lakefront Restaurant talks HERE on WGN Radio, my Sunday afternoon Steve Dale’s Pet World show about the challenges he’s faced throughout the pandemic as he has a restaurant, event space, and a stage for theater and other performances. The good news is that this is a large…

February 5 2021

Skincare Derm Diva on Steve Dale’s Other World

So much skin in the game with Renata Block, dermatology Physician Assistant, Derm Diva and Skincare blogger and educator. I talk with Renata Block HERE on my WGN radio Sunday afternoon program, Steve Dale’s Other World. Renata begins by asking how you can be Sofia Vergara, or at least have skin like her skin. Renata is…

January 31 2021

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Interviewed by Steve Dale, WGN Radio

Listen HERE to Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ricardo J. Torreblanca Zavalaga to discuss The Core Foundation on Steve Dale’s Other World, WGN Radio. I don’t know about you but I’ve never before interviewed a Nobel Prize nominee. How does one get to be one of those? It turns out you aren’t required to negotiate a…

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