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February 26 2018

Update on Animal Welfare League on WGN Radio

Chicago’s Animal Welfare League (AWL) has been around for more than 80 years, but it doesn’t appear that they’ve changed with the times as they should. They’ve also been in the news lately for some of the wrong reasons, as Kameron Bratt, a former volunteer with AWL and now with Evanston Animal Shelter, and Crystal Broccardo, a…

February 13 2018

Jackie Taylor and the Black Ensemble Theater: Changing the World (Slowly) on WGN Radio Podcast

Jackie Taylor has changed the world, and I got to speak with her and Daryl Brooks of the Black Ensemble Theater about their unique mission to eradicate racism. We talk a lot about racism in Chicago. And Jackie says, “I am used to racism.” What? How can that still be? Well, slavery existed for more…

January 30 2018

Adopt Nabisco on WGN Radio

Nabisco, who is clearly a work of art, was picked up by the Anti Cruelty Society field services team. He was so matted, you could barely see his face. Nabisco could be yours. He will be available for adoption Wednesday, January 31, on WGN Radio on The Steve Cochran Show at 9:10 a.m. CST. Listen at…

January 29 2018

Dog Flu Explanation from Dr. Natalie Marks

Dog flu is in the Chicago area, and there are outbreaks around the nation, which Dr. Natalie Marks and myself discuss on my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, on WGN radio. Listen HERE as Marks talks dog flu. The dog flu that arrived in Chicago in 2015 (the H3N2 strain) has now hit 46 states,…

January 22 2018

Doing Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return in Mexico; Spay/Neuter Rebate in Cook County

Cook County veterinarian Dr. Donna Alexander on WGN Radio says the county actually has something for us regarding spay/neuter. Listen HERE as we begin our wide-ranging conversation talking about Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR), and how a resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya region, El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Royal Casitas (working with a local cat rescue), is doing it…

January 15 2018

Queen of Poop and Puppy Mill Project on WGN Radio

Cari Meyers of the Puppy Mill Project offers a quick update on the efforts of Illinois’ Will and DuPage counties to move to prohibit the sales of dogs and cats at pet stores HERE on WGN Radio. She also explains why that’s important. And, the ultimate goal is to go state-wide with this type of…

January 1 2018

It's Just Too Cold: Protect the Pets

You may have noticed… it’s kind of cold outside. How does that impact your pets? Even if you have a dog built for cold, are they going to do well in double-digit below zero wind chill? No. And, small dogs and sighthounds certainly won’t be safe in such conditions, as I explain HERE on Steve…

December 30 2017

A Conversation with Paul Lisnek: And That's Never Easy

WGN-TV/CLTV Political commentator Paul Lisnek was supposed to have been on the Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder stream to talk politics, and we eventually get to that, after we blab with about one another (and you won’t believe these stories… like Lisnek is actually a Kentucky Colonel Sanders). Listen to our wide-ranging conversation HERE. We spoke…

December 29 2017

Doc Emrick and David Frei: Scoring the Best, No Bones About It

The story begins at a bar in Philadelphia, as I explain. But LISTEN as I torture legendary hockey announcer Doc Emrick and legendary dog show announcer David Frei. Frei wanted to meet Doc, so I make that happen. Then, hear what happens, as I ask each to “audition” for the other person’s job. Incidentally, Frei…

December 29 2017

Plante Moran Offers Advice on WGN Radio on Whether or Not to Prepay Taxes, and 2018 Economic Crystal Ball

As I fill in for Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder on WGN Radio, HEAR my all-too timely interview with CPA Tax Partner Michael Calahan and CPA and Certified Financial Planner Jim Baird of Plante Moran. The scope of our conversation included national and state economics, the stock market in 2018, and whether or not the Fed…

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