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October 17 2017

Big Night for Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control founder and current board secretary Charlie Propsom makes lots of announcements HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio. Right now, there are many more cats (and kittens) at Chicago Animal and Control (CACC), and we talk about why. The great news is that you can adopt a…

October 10 2017

Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

Gorillas in the Mist, a 1988 film starring Sigourney Weaver, was about the life of Dr. Dian Fossey. Today, 50 years after she began to study gorillas, her memory is being honored via continued conservation of her beloved great apes. Listen to this Steve Dale’s Other World WGNPlus podcast as I speak with Dr. Tara Stoinski, CEO/president and chief scientific…

October 9 2017

Life for People and Pets in Puerto Rico Today (the Truth)

I begin this week’s Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, remembering longtime friend of the show, Skip Haynes of Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah. I recall the difference Skip made for companion animals, and how he once flew back to Chicago to support an event called Dog Day on the Green. Much more on Skip and…

October 5 2017

Police Suffering High Suicide Rates

We see it time and time again, on September 11 and recently in Las Vegas, first responders do two things: They run toward danger and they help to save lives. Yet, there’s a national epidemic of police suicides, according to Chicago Police Department Chaplain Robert Montelongo. HEAR my conversation from Steve Dale’s Other World, at…

October 2 2017

Chicago Canine Rescue Mutt Strut to Raise Dollars for No Kill Shelter

Chicago Canine Rescue’s (CCR) Anna Johnson on WGN Radio’s Steve Dale’s Pet World Listen HERE, as Anna talks about how CCR often takes dogs no one else will, and greatly from open admission facilities, such as Chicago Animal Care and Control and Animal Welfare League of Chicago. They are heroes. The dogs (and a pawful of cats)…

September 25 2017

Adopt Coco from Anti Cruelty and Houston, on WGN Radio

Last week Chop was available for adoption via the Anti Cruelty Society, and the plan was for us to go WGN Radio to find a home for him, as we’ve previously adopted maybe 15 or 16 consecutive dogs without fail with the Steve Cochran Show. However, we didn’t get the chance, as President Trump decided to…

September 25 2017

Molly the Fire Safety Dog on WGN Radio

A visit with Molly the Fire Safety Dog on Steve Dale’s Pet World , WGN Radio with Dayna Hilton of Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation.   Listen HERE to Dayna. Hilton logs over 25,000 miles criss crossing the country, usually talking with school children to convey messages regarding fire safety. Molly is the Smokey the Bear of our time. That…

September 18 2017

Adopt this "Gentle-as-a-Lamb" Dog on WGN Radio

He’s gentle as a lamb, so perhaps it’s appropriate that his name is Chop. This pup, from the Anti Cruelty Society, is available for adoption tomorrow (September 19) on the Steve Cochran Show at 9:05 a.m. CDT on WGN Radio in our monthly dog adoption segment. Listen at 720AM or HERE. Chop is about 2 years…

September 17 2017

Puppy Up, Steve Dale's Pet World WGN

Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio. First, my banter with newsman Dr. Dave Schwaney about the 35th Anniversary Celebration for the Museum of Broadcast Communication Chicago. A vision of Bruce DuMont’s was realized and expectations were exceeded. Back in the day, when the museum first opened, I was the moderator for a…

August 21 2017

Windy Kitty Cat Café & Lounge News: Come Join Us!

I talk about how pets are affected by the solar eclipse, and also the effects on wildlife, on my WGN Radio Show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, with newsman Dometi Pongo to start the show. Listen HERE. Most of all, check out my conversation about the Windy Kitty Cat Cafe & Lounge with Chris Poole, and Instagram and…

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