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May 16 2017

Bark in the Park for Anti Cruelty Society

Bark in the Park to benefit the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago is May 21, with the 5K walk kicking off at 10 am  (and goes until 2 p.m.) at Soldier Field on the Green (a grassy area adjacent to Soldier Field). If it wasn’t for other open admission shelters, like Anti Cruelty and Animal…

May 12 2017

Rosie is Riveting: Adopt a Dog on WGN Radio

Dr. John Coyne walks the walk, helping animals get adopted who need it he most. In the Steve Cochran/Steve Dale pet adoption segment, Monday (May 22) at 9:40 AM CDT, with your help Rosie finds a home. Dr. Coyne joins us with three-month old Labrador/Schnauzer-mix Rosie. Listen HERE, or watch HERE or on CLTV. Rosie…

May 10 2017

The Real Lucille Ball with Stu's Show

Guess who I bump into a WGN-TV, it’s Stu Shostak an old employee (film archivist and videographer) and friend of Lucille Ball. Listen to my Steve Dale’s Other World Podcast with Stu. Boy, the stories he has!  What a cool job this guy has – and still has as weekly show host HERE.  What was Lucille Ball…

May 8 2017

MedVet Chicago is Like a Mayo Clinic for Pets

After Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN radio begins with a funny Schwanee song (for news rock star Dave Schwanee). Listen HERE on WGN as MedVet Chicago Medical Director Dr. Aaron Jackson talks about specialty medicine and answers a flurry of text messages from listeners. What’s cool about MedVet? There, more than one expert can assess a…

May 1 2017

Victoria Stilwell: Guardians of the Night, Puppy Mills

Victoria Stilwell is a favorite guest of mine, not only because she’s excellent on the air, but also because of the respect I have for her. HEAR our conversation from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio about her new series, “Guardians of the Night.” What about this show touches me? “Guardians of the Night” celebrates the everyday…

April 25 2017

Comptroller's Critters, Susana Mendoza on WGN Radio

Illinois State Comptroller Susana Mendoza offers some really good news for Illinois pet lovers (and in Illinois, good news about pets has been rare lately). Listen HERE to my conversation with Susana on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. But first, news guy Dave Schwanee on how Paul Lisnek (WGN-TV, CLTV) was there for the…

April 18 2017

Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practices Save Lives

Have you ever felt so terrified that you were going to die? I mean like hanging outside a window 30 stories high or held up at gun point. I suggest this is how a surprising number of our beloved pets feel when visiting the veterinarian. If your pet is perceived as uncomfortable, you will be too,…

April 17 2017

Ovarian Cancer: Dogs May Help to Develop a Blood Test

Dogs may save women from ovarian cancer and other types of cancer as well. In this WGN Plus podcast, listen to Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) Cofounder and Executive Director Vallie Szymanski and board member Dr. Kurt Kleptisch discuss how their support of cancer sniffing dogs at the University of Pennsylvania College Veterinary Medicine is on the…

April 16 2017

Talking to You about Pets on WGN Radio

Listen to my WGN radio show kicking off with a classic Schwaney song (for newsman Dave Schwaney). I talk about the video the Chicago Blackhawks produced to support pet adoption at Chicago Animal Care & Control. Video for dog adoptions Video for cat adoptions Speaking of hockey, check this podcast out with legendary hockey broadcaster…

April 15 2017

Free Willy: He Needs A Home on WGN Radio

I am pretty sure our dog adoption number is at 15, meaning 15 successful consecutive dog adoptions on WGN Radio with Steve Cochran. Listen Monday, April 17, at 9:05 a.m. CDT on 720AM or here as we hopefully adopt number 16. Monday will be a challenge, so we need help to spread the word. Older dogs are…

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