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December 19 2016

Busting Pet Food Myths on WGN Radio

Dr. Lisa Freeman, veterinary nutritionist and clinical professor of nutrition at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, is a buster of myths about pet foods! Listen HERE from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio to myth-busting professor Freeman. There’s lots to talk about because there are so many misconceptions. We target these: The…

November 27 2016

Secret Language of Dogs with Victoria Stilwell

Victoria Stilwell on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio to discuss her newest book, “The Secret Language of Dogs: Unlocking the Canine Mind for a Happier Pet.” Listen HERE, as whenever I get together with Victoria we have fun, and discuss how dogs sense the world. Like, why do dogs smell one another’s rear-ends? New research…

November 21 2016

Steve Dale on WGN Radio with John O'Hurley and David Frei

What a show – Listen HERE to my conversations with legendary dog show announcer David Frei and his dog show sidekick, the amazing, author and actor and Renaissance man John O’Hurley, talking about the National Dog Show presented by Purina to be seen on NBC on Thanksgiving Day, noon to 2 p.m. (all time zones)…

November 15 2016

The One and Only Fred Winston

So, whatever happened to this legend in radio? Fred Winston is right HERE on this WGN Plus Steve Dale’s Other World Podcast. Fred said he dragged me out to saloons – don’t think so. But I did remind Fred about a ski trip in the early 1980’s, as we took several listeners with us.  You…

November 11 2016

Help Us To Find this Dog a Home, and Win Stuff Supporting West Suburban Humane

Tabitha, some sort of terrier-mix, is seeking more than some sort of forever home on my dog adoption segment with the West Suburban Humane Society (1901 W. Ogden Ave., Downers Grove), Monday (November 14) at 9:05 AM CDT with Steve Cochran and myself on WGN Radio, listen HERE or 720AM. Tabitha, who is only about 3-years…

October 30 2016

Halloween Pet Safety, Cubs, Stray Cats on WGN Radio

It begins on Steve Dale’s Pet World with the Chicago Cubs chances, as you can listen HERE for my discussion with newsman Schwanee about a text from a pal, Craig, I received indicating there’s still a shot. After all, if other teams can come back from being three down, why not the Cubs. I talk…

October 24 2016

Dr. Bill Folger First Interview on the Cat Shooting Veterinarian

First on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio, Listen HERE the group, the Washington’s sing their way into newsman Dave Schwaney’s heart. I first talk baseball, and the Cubs winning the the NLCS with Schwaney and sportcaster Andy Mazur. Do the Indians or Cubs have better starting, since they both have great closures…

October 13 2016

#ChicagoProud Press Release

JAMES CAPPLEMAN ALDERMAN, 46TH WARD FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Tressa Feher, Aid. Cappleman’s chief of staff 773-878-4646   [email protected] USING #CHICAGOPROUD TO HIGHLIGHT GREAT THINGS HAPPENING IN CHICAGO We are living in an era where serious problems are highlighted all the time, often leading to a state of overload with residents left with feelings of hopelessness.…

October 9 2016

Montrose Dog Beach Is the Best! Vote!

I will be at a fundraiser for Barb’s Precious Pets. Listen here as I speak with newsman Dave Schwany about that, and also about his longtime friendship with Noodles the Wonder Dog. Listen to the WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World Podcast also talk about why you should cast your ballot in favor of Montrose Dog Beach. Indeed,…

October 3 2016

Adopt A Pair of Older Dogs, Hoarding Victims

A dog a day keeps the doctor away. Fuji and Granny are available for adoption from Chicago Canine Rescue, Tuesday October 4, 9:05AM CDT with out monthly adopt-a-dog segment with Steve Cochran on WGN radio listen at 720AM or HERE. Both these dogs are from a hoarding situation. Fuji may be seven or eight-years old, Granny is a…

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