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August 1 2016

Pet Care Starts with Vet Care on WGN, Dog in Hot Car

Pet Care Starts with Vet Care is the topic with Dr. Vicky Carmella, director of Veterinary Care at Blue Buffalo pet food on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio.  Listen HERE. There are at least components to preventive veterinary care. Routine physical exam may reveal a problem. Diagnostic testing, for heartworm, tick diseases and so…

July 30 2016

Adopting-A-Dog, Cochran on WGN

Lila Marie is this cute pup’s name, from the Anti Cruelty Society. Lila will hopefully be adopted Monday morning, (August 1) with Steve Cochran on WGN Radio (720AM or listen HERE), at 9:05AM CDT. Lila’s a 3 year old Boston Terrier mix. She came to Anti Cruelty from a shelter in Mississippi. Lila’s one of…

July 24 2016

Parvovirus Popping in Northwest Indiana

Given the opportunity, the canine parvovirus will appear, and will kill dogs – and that is exactly what is happening now in Northwest Indiana, according to Dr. Lori Ross of North Center Emergency Center in Westville and Highland, Indiana. Listen HERE to Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, to understand exactly why Parvo is currently…

July 23 2016

Pet Adoption Segment on WGN Radio

Salaam is how we clear the shelters Tuesday with Steve Cochran on WGN Radio, at 9:05AM CDT on Tuesday July 24. From Chicago Canine Rescue, this 8-week old terrier mix was found abandoned this week at an auto mechanic’s shop. He’s a tad concerned when he first meets strangers, but that will change as he…

July 18 2016

If This Dog Could Talk, and Dr. Marks on Lyme and CIV

Headline News: WGN engineer Bob Ferguson found my name. I’ve been lost, and thanks to Bob – now I am found. Listen HERE to how excited I am, and more from this week’s Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio. I love my Fresh Wave and and I express my gratitude for inviting myself to participate…

July 16 2016

Is Lyme Disease Real? Expert from Global Lyme Alliance

Yes, yes, everyone is talking about Zika, and people should be. But Lyme isn’t a potential threat – it’s real, it’s here and according to some experts, it’s an epidemic. Or am I overstating that? Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Other World on WGNPlus to Global Lyme Alliance Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Harriet Kotsoris, as she discusses…

July 15 2016

If This Dog Could Talk: The Dogist

Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) has launched the multi-city If This Dog Could Talk tour to raise awareness of canine influenza virus (CIV) or dog flu. Last year, about half the country was affected by CIV. “The Dogist documentary series tells unique stories about the lives of…

July 10 2016

A Beach Party to Help Chicago Pets, Good Stuff Food Truck

Help Chicago pets by having fun at the beach, and getting FREE stuff. Listen HERE to my conversation with Charlie Propsom of Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control and Rachel Lewis, assistant brand manager American Pet Nutrition on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. The Good Stuff Food Truck, a food truck for dogs,…

June 27 2016

Adopting Another Dog with Your Help

Jimmy needs special help – because I didn’t get this out to promote earlier as I typically do….You see another dog was chosen to be on the air with Steve Cochran on Tuesday June 28 in our monthly WGN Radio Adopt-a-Dog segment….and guess what, that pup was transferred….Good for that dog!!!! However, we scrambled to…

June 21 2016

A Petpourri of Topics on WGN Radio

I am noted pet expert Steve Dale; here’s a link from a recent appearance on WGN Radio with Bill Leff and substitute host Mike Toomey. Before talking pets, I explain I had the privilege of seeing Mel Brooks at the Chicago Theatre. Bill referenced the Cary Grant story, here it is. Trapped in a hot car…

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