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June 11 2016

Help Find Flea Market Puppy a Home

With all the dogs we’ve successfully adopted on WGN Radio with Steve Cochran , I thought for sure we’d get Charlie a home. My gosh – just a puppy….True enough, a puppy who had a poor start in life and requires training. But then all puppies require training. Steve said on the air, “A dog this…

May 20 2016

Stop Lyme and Stop Cancer in People and Pets

Rats don’t eat dog poop in the second place, and in the first place the proposed ordinance to fine people for not picking up poop in their own yards (when the city doesn’t even enforce the long-standing ordinance about not picking up poo in public places) makes little sense. On WGN Radio, listen HERE to my…

May 19 2016

Car Guy Talk: Consumer Guide Automotive

I’m not car guy – but Tom Appel sure does; he’s the publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive. Listen HERE to a REAL car expert talk, who talks about the car trends, about recalls, about cars marketed for pets, etc. on Steve Dale’s Other World. Tom has surprising answers, if you want to buy All-American, one…

May 15 2016

Dr. Kim Kendall Cats Revealed

Cat veterinarian Dr. Kim Kendall of Sidney, Australia pops into the studio to answer your cat questions on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, HERE.  Dr. Kendall is the author of several books (one I wrote a foreword for).  In fact you can download a FREE copy HERE.  Check out Dr. Kendall’s Ebooks HERE. Dr. Kendall…

May 11 2016

Veterinarian and Doctor Talk One Health: Tick Disease

Chicago Veterinarian Dr.Natalie Marks of Blum Animal Hospital and human pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Dr. Patricia DeLaMora in New York City get together to talk about a One Health initiative, regarding tick disease – specifically Lyme Disease, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE to their conversation regarding what to do to…

May 3 2016

It's My Other World: Steve Dale Podcasts

Steve Dale’s Other World is a podcast that reveals what happens behind-the-scenes. This podcast isn’t usually related to pets – I’ve now hosted 14 of these. Subscribe at I-Tunes (just type in Steve Dale in the search engine, and then look for Steve Dale’s Other World podcast and click subscribe. These WGN-Plus podcasts, also found…

April 26 2016

National Politics, It's a Game of Chess: Paul Lisnek with Steve Dale

Dr. Mr. Paul Lisnek from WGN-TV and CLTV’s Politics Tonight is a lifelong friend, and political analyst and person who likes to have the host repeatedly say his name as often as possible is my guest on Steve Dale’s Other World – Listen HERE to the entertaining and fast-thinking Lisnek. Now, here he is analyzing…

April 25 2016

Help the Puppy Mill Project to Help to Save Puppy Mill Dogs

Puppy Mill Project is the topic of the show with Renata Block, listen HERE as she explains there are at least 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S., and over two million puppies are bred in this horrid places annually. We talk about the mission of the Puppy Mill Project, and how pet stores that sell…

April 22 2016

Adopt A Dog, Bark in the Park

Ginger sweet senior is a ready-made pet, and she deserves a loving home even if she is 9-years old.  Tuesday (April 25) 9:35AM CDT on WGN Radio, Steve Cochran and myself will attempt to find Ginger a home from Anti Cruelty. Listen at 720AM or HERE. She loves to hangout and snuggle. She likes a…

April 17 2016

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training on WGN Radio

I didn’t have to coax dog trainer (certified by many groups including Karen Pryor Academy), and certified animal behavior consultant Laura Monaco Torelli into saying you NEVER need to use a shock collar on a dog. Listen HERE to my discussion with Laura on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio on positive reinforcement dog training.…

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