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October 2 2015

Does Grain-Free Dog Food Matter?

Dr. Ruth MacPete reveals pet food mysteries, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen here as, for example, she explains whether or not ‘Grain-Free’ matters and what the term grain-free even means. We discuss how to even search for a pet that is right for your pet. Dr. MacPete says look for quality ingredients,…

September 22 2015

Steve Dale with Bill and Wendy on What Dogs Can Do

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder and myself talk about amazing things dogs can do on WGN Radio, Listen HERE. From a dog named Chaser who can identify hundreds of toys, to dogs that can identify cancers. We spoke about the Ron Santo Diabetic Alert Foundation, and how Ron Santo once called in on my show…

September 20 2015

Steve Dale's Other World

A new podcast, called Steve Dale’s Other World is scheduled to begin soon (airing on Itunes and WGNPlus). Twice monthly, I will interview people you may not expect me to talk with…having nothing necessarily to do with pets…and in each interview I will bring you behind closed doors, as you eavesdrop on my conversations with…

August 19 2015

Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, Riding a Bicycle for Homeless Animals

James and Sharon Pierce with Charlie Propsom from Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control chat about  Miles for Max. The Pearces even tear up a little as they tell the story. This is the Pearce’s 500 mile, 7-day journey across  Iowa in memory of their dog Max, all to raise dollars for Friends of Chicago Animal Care and…

August 17 2015

One Tail at Time on WGN Adopt-a-Dog Segment

Adopt-a-Dog segment features this gal, Shelly on WGN Radio, Steve Cochran and Steve Dale, Tuesday, (August 18) 8:40AM.on 720AM or listen (even watch) HERE. Shelly, a Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix is from  One Tail at Time. She’s about a year to two years ago, and she’s as sweet as can be. If you’ve never met Shelly before,…

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