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January 1 2021

Sir David Attenborough Is Optimistic But We Must Take Action Now for the Planet

Many naturalists and biologists warned us about an impending pandemic, due to our increasingly close and often forced interactions with the wild world. Nowhere is this more evident than in so called ‘wet markets’ of the Far East, where species who would never, ever associate in the wild (as they live in different parts of…

December 29 2020

Rescuing a Trapped Dolphin

This is feel-good week. Why not? We all deserve this, especially this year….and in this video a bottlenose dolphin stuck on sandbar is rescued in Florida.

December 28 2020

Deer Rescue

Not sure this guy was risking his life – obviously at least one friend is there. Still, I don’t suggest this wasn’t a wonderful thing to do, to rescue this deer unable to stand on the slippery ice over a pond. I don’t know anything about this person, but what boggles my mind is that…

November 16 2020

We Need To Cooperate More

Warthogs receive spa treatment, and banded mongoose get lunch. Cooperation – we need more symbiotic relationships.

November 3 2020

How Animals Decide On Their Leaders

From politicking chimpanzees to elephants earning power using brain power to honeybees fighting for their lives, various animals have their own ways to elect their leaders, or their leaders elect themselves. In elephant groups the decision is an easy one. Both African and Asian elephants and their subspecies live in matriarchal societies. A female is…

October 15 2020

Lower Your Stress, Watch a Beaver

Has the pandemic, or life in general, got you down? The solution is apparently right here in this video.  According to the Internet (as I can’t find the actual study), watching beaver chomping on cabbage can reduce stress levels by 17 percent. If you’re really stressed out, enjoy this hour and 20 minute loop of…

September 29 2020

The Bear-Necessities

These ladies do have the bear-necesities, demonstrating exactly what to do if this happens to you as they’re approached by a curious black bear in Mexico. My advice: Never play poker with these ladies.

September 16 2020

Leopard Checks Out Al Fresco Dining Option

I know the focus these days is on outdoor dining due to the novel corona virus. But this really is wild – look who crashes the patio, albeit very stealthy. How would you like this African leopard company? Wonder if he had a reservation? I wonder if it matters.

August 13 2020

Case of the Wild Boar

So, by wild bore, I don’t mean the guy at the bank who every time you walk in says, “May I have a moment of your time to talk about our savings programs?” I mean a wild boar. A naked sunbather was minding is own business at Teufelssee Lake,  a nude bathing spot in the…

August 6 2020

Bats Caused the Virus; Bats Might Cure the Virus

Many humans cringe at the very thought or sight of bats. And some of those people may even have chiroptophobia, a fear of bats. True enough some bats are blood-suckers and some have a wingspan nearly the size of an average human. It’s also true that bats likely responsible, at least in great part, for…

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