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Articles: wild animals

December 7 2010

Holiday Hippo Treat

There’s so much we have to learn about animals. Talk about your Christmas gifts, this Hippopotamus deliberately saves a Wildebeest calf and then a Zebra foal. Why? Who knows. Hippo’s are vegetarians, but they have huge canine teeth and are known for short tempers. In fact, Hippopotamus are considered right up there with the African…

November 28 2010

Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Among the choices for what to do on her birthday, my wife Robin chose to see Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo….here’s a glimpse. I once was a docent at Lincoln Park. Zoo Lights is December 3 through 5 and 10 through 12, as well as December 17 through January 2 (closed December 24…

November 27 2010

Day at the Detroit Zoo

Instead of holiday shopping – I suggest, Go to the Zoo! Recently, posted on a visit to the Nassau Adastra Gardens and Zoo in the Bahamas, here is our visit to the Detroit Zoo. 

November 25 2010

Thankful Penguin

An injured penguin has received a prosthetic beak and is recovering in a Rio de Janeiro zoo after he was found stranded on a nearby beach, according to News New Zealand online. Tungo, the thankful penguin The zoo’s veterinarian said the acrylic replacement will one day help the five-month-old Magellanic penguin, named Tungo, to catch…

October 27 2010

Bohemian Zoo

Went on a brief Caribbean Cruise, and for our fourth time – stopped in Nassau. And each time, we checked out out the Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center. Join us on our zoo visit:

October 17 2010

Pumpkins for Cats, Really Big Cats

Big Cat Rescue, a sanctuary for wild cats celebrates Halloween in a big way. Pumpkins for everyone! Do any of your house cats crave pumpkins like this?

October 14 2010

If You Can Teach An Elephant to Use the Toilet, You Can Certainly House Train A Dog

I wonder what elephants read on the toilet? Really now, if you’re complaining about your cat having accidents, or house training a puppy being tough, you apparently have tried teaching an elephant to use the toilet. I don’t make this stuff up – at an elephant camp in Thailand, Diew and Dumpo are among a…

October 7 2010

Rare Cat Footage from Borneo

The Sundaland Clouded Leopard was only discovered three years ago. Incredible. And exciting. Unfortunately, like so many wild cat species, it is endangered. Sundaland Clouded Leopard In fact, until now no footage of this cat in the wild has be captured (except brief footage taken by a tourist which was never made public). Watch this…

October 2 2010

Catnip for Conservation

I talk about this when I speak I speak about enrichment (a favorite topic of mine) at conferences… Lion at a zoo getting off on peppermint stick and lavendar how we can use different scents to enrich our cats’ environment. Well, zoos have been doing this with big cats for several years, and now even…

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