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Gay Animals

Maybe it’s proof that you are born gay….or maybe not. For example, new research demonstrates that zebra finch raised by their fathers aren’t as likely to pair for life with female birds as they are with a dude finch. It seems, the gay blades just ‘hang’ together and don’t usually truly have a gay sexual…

Keep Flies Away with Fashion

A report in the Journal of Experimental Biology is that a pattern of narrow stripes makes zebras “unattractive” to the flies. Dr. Susan Akkeson of Lund University and her team placed a blackboard, a whiteboard, and several boards with stripes of varying widths into one of the fields of a horse farm in rural Hungary. The striped board…

Wolves Create Change

Wolves are important….in fact, this stellar and beautifully shot video is worth watching because it illustrates how little we know about how nature works. By making one rash decision (like removing wolves) or by destroying one species, even introducing a species, the impact may be far greater than we currently understand. The video is spectacular…

Tiger Walks into A Bar

So, what happens when a tiger ambles into a bar? Q: What’s a tiger running a copy machine called? A: A copycat! Q. Q: Why did the tiger loose at poker? A. Because he was playing with a cheetah Q: Where does a tiger sleep? A: Anywhere he wants to!  Q: Who went into the…

Betty White on Steve Dale Pet World, WGN Radio

The one and only Betty White joined me on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, if you missed it – listen HERE to my conversation with the most beloved person in America. We talked about everything from mountain gorillas to Johnny Carson, to dogs.  

Dog-Friendly and Nature-Friendly Communities

Stephen Jenkinson is a manager of green spaces and development – Hear my conversation HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World on how he  works to make sure that communities have adequate room for pets. He explains how this helps make communities better for everyone. He says local community officials are very good at telling people…

Animal Connections: Everyone Wants to be a Vet

It seems every kid wants to grow up to be a veterinarian. “I hear that all the time,” agrees Dr. Christine Jenkins, Group Director of U.S. Veterinary Medical Services at Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health). “It seems everyone, of all ages, loves to play veterinarian.” Through a new Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibit called “Animal Connections:…

Frog Rediscovered: Animal News

Israeli park ranger Yoram Malka caught only a fleeting glimpse of the frog as it leapt across the road, but this was no ordinary frog. When he first saw the frog in northern Israel’s Hula Valley, Malka jerked his utility vehicle to a stop, bounded out of his seat, and jumped to catch the creature…

Zoo Gorillas vs. Wild Gorillas: A Gorilla Baby Festival

Gorilla babies….Talk about culture shock, less than two months ago we were in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda with Terra Incognita Ecotours, coming face to face with wild mountain gorillas of all ages, from the largest silverback on the planet to tiny ones. The experience was a thrill of a lifetime. We twice hiked to…

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