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April 20 2015

Killing Bobcats in Illinois May Be Approved: Really

Killing Bobcats could become legal in Illinois. Interesting how critical we are of people killing Cheetah or Lion in Africa, or Tigers in Asia or Siberia….Yet, in our own backyard we want to make it legal to gun down Bobcats because a handful of farmers may potentially be dealing with them….That’s the thing, it’s not…

January 23 2015

Does Killing Wolves Make Sense?

Wolves are  (next to man) the top predator in America. Once nearly killed off, with great effort they’ve been reintroduced. Now, that they’re succeeding, some are seeking to kill them. Perhaps, my lack of understanding simply occurs because I don’t live where wolves do. It’s odd to me that (rightly so) most Americans are opposed…

August 28 2014

Floppy Snake

A snake-like amphibian dubbed the floppy snake has been discovered in a drained river in Brazil. News reports quickly began to compare the ancient amphibian species (not really a snake) to a human penis, just in case you haven’t heard. The eyeless amphibian, Atretochoana eiselti was discovered at the bottom of the Madeira River in Rondonia state…

July 24 2014

Can a Dog Guard Against Bears?

Bears now….previously have answered about porcupines pets and coyotes and pets – here’s a question (from my newspaper column) about how to “train” a dog to defend against bears, and a unique way to determine how a dog might respond. Q: We live in the woods, and the bear population has been increasing here. A…

July 16 2014

Coyote Problems: Protecting Pets, What to Do

Q: I’m concerned about coyotes; the problem is worse than ever around here. I’m especially worried about my little Bichon Frise, who has no way to defend herself. Recently, there was a coyote attack nearby on a dog who didn’t survive. I don’t want this to happen to my dog. Any advice? — C.G., Schaumburg,…

July 15 2014

Gay Animals

Maybe it’s proof that you are born gay….or maybe not. For example, new research demonstrates that zebra finch raised by their fathers aren’t as likely to pair for life with female birds as they are with a dude finch. It seems, the gay blades just ‘hang’ together and don’t usually truly have a gay sexual…

May 6 2014

Keep Flies Away with Fashion

A report in the Journal of Experimental Biology is that a pattern of narrow stripes makes zebras “unattractive” to the flies. Dr. Susan Akkeson of Lund University and her team placed a blackboard, a whiteboard, and several boards with stripes of varying widths into one of the fields of a horse farm in rural Hungary. The striped board…

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