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March 28 2017

U.S. Will Support Killing Defenseless Animals

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” —Mahatma Gandhi Apparently, according to the current political climate, making America great again means allowing for the senseless and inhumane killing of U.S. native predators. The U.S. Congress overturned a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule that was supported by…

March 11 2016

Gaze At Puppies, You Can't Help But Fall in Love

It’s a topic I am fascinated about, and I believe explains a lot about our relationship with dogs. Dating back to 14,000 years, we have been buried alongside dogs. That means we’ve lived side-by-side, and have worked together as a team with dogs for all those years. No wonder we’re so intrinsically connected. It turns…

January 23 2015

Does Killing Wolves Make Sense?

Wolves are  (next to man) the top predator in America. Once nearly killed off, with great effort they’ve been reintroduced. Now, that they’re succeeding, some are seeking to kill them. Perhaps, my lack of understanding simply occurs because I don’t live where wolves do. It’s odd to me that (rightly so) most Americans are opposed…

April 11 2014

Wolves Create Change

Wolves are important….in fact, this stellar and beautifully shot video is worth watching because it illustrates how little we know about how nature works. By making one rash decision (like removing wolves) or by destroying one species, even introducing a species, the impact may be far greater than we currently understand. The video is spectacular…

November 21 2013

Domesticating Dogs, Answering Reader Question

Q: I get The Bark magazine. In a recent issue, (animal behaviorist and author) Karen London wrote about a “wolfdog,” and honestly, she didn’t make a lot of sense. She stated that the wolfdog is not a canine. I’m very familiar with “wolfdogs” because wolves have bigger brains and are quite intelligent. What do you…

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