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June 28 2010

Ark in the Park with Ray Rayner and Dr. Lester Fisher

I love this question! The perfect way to celebrate my ChicagoNow 400th post “Like you, I too enjoyed learning about the animals when I used to watch Ray Rayner.  Would you happen to know the lyrics to that catchy little theme song that was played?”  Howard W. My earliest influences re: the animal world, Dr.…

June 24 2010

Two Animal Lovers – But Who is the Real Betty White?

I need your help here. . . Who is the real Betty White? Please comment. Please help me. Both these ladies say, “I LOVE PETS: I AM BETTY WHITE!” But how can they both be Betty? Betty White? Betty White?

June 21 2010

She Loves Animals, We Love Her – Betty White

How did this happen? For the first time ever Sandra Bullock, Elton John and Slash are lending their names to the Los Angeles Zoo Beastly Ball. How could these A-listers be swayed? Why the arm twister was  the hottest in commodity in Hollywood these days, Betty White. She’s been involved with the Los Angeles Zoo…

May 21 2010

Gorilla Reunion: An Extraordinary Encounter

This isn’t a typical pet blog – but I offered several recent posts on animal emotions, relating to dogs and cats. How about a gorilla? Damian Aspinall (son of conversatonist John Aspinall, founder of Howletts  – a wild animal park in the UK) is now the president of the Aspinall Foundation. Several years ago, after…

May 20 2010

Aroma Therapy Is Enriching for Dogs and Cats of all Kinds

I am privileged to have spoken around the world on many topics relating to animal behavior. Two talks I give are all about enrichment. That’s the opportunity for animals to make independent choices to use their natural abilities. One simple example is to hang a bird feeder outside for an indoor cat to watch. Cats…

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