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CBD: What Is It? What Are the Benefits?


CBD might be the hottest topic there is. While filling in for John Williams on WGN, I talk HERE with Mattie Holman and Nick Saljaj from The Good Lyfe CBD (6150 W. Grand Avenue).  They have chairs!

The most common resolution is working out more and losing a few pounds, and I ask if CBD can help with that.

We talk about the difference between THC and CBD, and why CBD may be preferential. And that CBD has been legal, and continues to be and is not marijuna.

I am sure the Good Lyfe is really good….but how do you what CBD to purchase and what you might want to avoid. For example, both guests suggests never buying a CBD product at a gas station, smoke shop or convenience store. For one thing, you won’t find customer help or knowledge, or available lab reports. But what do you look for in those lab reports? And you need to know exactly what dose might be right for you. Maddie says, in general, begin with a fairly reasonable low dose and work your way up.

We discuss many of the potential medical benefits regarding CBD, from lessening pain to being able to wean off of opioid products, as well as other pain killers and psychoactive drugs.

We offer a basic description of medically how CBD works, and the endocannabinoid system. And though in dogs and cats, there’s less data (and we need more), their endocannabinoid systems are nearly identical.

What about the CBD products everywhere, from soda to coffee to candies to teas. CBD is everywhere, but do you get enough CBD to make a difference in these products. And Nick says in soda it’s counter-productive. There’s actually a huge advantage of CBD in chocolate, which Nick explain regarding children.

So are the marijuana shops competition now to CBD?



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