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Celebrate Valentine's Day from Your Heart to Your Cat's


An exciting announcement from Houston, TX at a Winn Feline Foundation Board Meeting (I’m a Board member). Throughout February, we hope call lovers give all cats a Valentine, so we can learn more about heart disease.

A heart disease, called Feline Hypetrophic Cardiomyopathy is surprisingly very common, and often fatal to middle-aged cats. And through funding by Winn, we want to – WE NEED TO – do something to change this.

Currently, there is no cure, no effective drug….and no prevention….Although, the good news is that we’ve recently made progress, through Winn’s funding a gene defect has been identified in two breeds (Ragdoll and Maine Coon), so breeders have begun to address the disease in these breeds, That’s great! But only a start.

My colleague Franny Syufy at wrote about the Fund. I began, which is called the Ricky Fund, to help raise money – so ultimately HCM can be treated or prevented….Giving to the Ricky Fund, might be a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

More in upcoming posts about the Ricky Fund. And if you continue reading here….

n 2002, I lost my best friend – a cat named Ricky. He was a unique
dude. Long before Nora, he also played the piano (improvisations jazz).
Being a social guy who didn’t relegate his musical skill to his own
home – he performed ‘in concert’ at places like Petco and PETsMart.
Ricky knew how to do as much as most dogs, the list included jumping
through a Hoola Hoop, sitting on command, giving ‘high-fives’ and more.
He helped to demonstrate cats can learn just as much as their canine

Everything seemed fine, until our veterinarian noticed
a heart murmur in our little prodigy, and was soon diagnosed with HCM. While some cats survive HCM,
many do not. There is no cure; there is no treatment. As often happens
with cats diagnosed with this surprisingly common disease, Ricky
suddenly succumbed – he was only six.

That’s when I began the
Ricky Fund at the Winn Feline Foundation
the goal, to raise money to
create a treatment or learn prevention for this disease
. The dollars
have mattered, But we’ve just scratched the surface; we need your help! 

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