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Chicago Animal Care & Control Honors Steve Dale, Please Help


It’s one of the biggest nights for me when the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC) honors me at their biggest fundraise of the year, called Big Night, October 8.

I’ve attended most of the Big Nights, and emceed a few times….but this attention is humbling. But most important this year because of the City’s financial concerns. Animal control isn’t at the top of the list to get funds. Arguably, this is the right year for me to be the Honorary Chairman because via my platforms I can promote the event – as this year for than ever the financial help is needed!

Several years ago when there was a big shake up at WGN Radio, and I was let go…I received hundreds of email, literally….and dozens of people told me that I made a difference for their family, and in some cases my advice saved a pets’ lives. Others wrote me saying they appreciate and enjoyed the radio show. Even guests on the show indicated, from veterinarians to dog trainers that what I do matters, and they want to support me. Well. Here’s your chance!

That’s right, today, it’s pay back time – if indeed you wrote one of those emails, or I’ve helped you in some way, or if even you’ve appeared on the show or just want to help the many orphaned animals who hope to survive at CACC – I call upon you now to help. The facility itself needs help, and as I’ve mentioned those budget numbers for CACC will not be keeping up with the need. Right, wrong, or otherwise – it’s simply a Chicago reality. You being there will help. Yes, ever person matters.

What’s more, you WILL have fun, and certainly eat and drink well! Over 20 of Chicago’s best chefs, including some fancy award winners, will offer as much as you might gorge, and among the cocktails, the ‘muttini.’ The Cover Girls entertain with their hot (in more ways than one) violin playing. And the emcee is the always funny Pete McMurray of the Drive, 97.1 FM.

CACC means a lot to me – as I will talk about at the event. Our dog Ethel is from CACC; like many dogs she’s transformed our lives.

What a great way to say ‘thank you’ to me and also to support the dogs and cats – to no fault of their own – who need your help. Without it, 2016 may be bumpier than usual at CACC, and that’s quite bumpy. Please help to spread the word.

I will talk about this tonight (tomorrow really) 1 p.m. with the amazing Patti Vasquez Pretty Late…. Listen or watch HERE or listen on 720AM.

I hope to see you there on October 8, at the Chicago Cultural Center, after 6 p.m. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. Even if you normally don’t attend these sorts of events, I hope you consider making an exception. You being there WILL matter! By the way, there’s valet parking.



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