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Climate Change Primer for President Elect Trump


Nothing will matter 15o years from now if action is not taken to save our planet. Climate change is explained by ‘science guy’ Bill Nye in this National Geographic video. Climate change is most certainly not a made-up hoax created by the Chinese, as President-elect Trump has asserted.  In fact, China is one of the few nations on the planet that really doesn’t want to take action (they prefer to go on unregulated, apparently).

Climate change should be discussed, with that, I agree. In fact, scientists don’t exactly agree or know what to do about it. The concern is doing something  which causes an unintended consequence, which often occurs when you fool with ‘Mother Nature.’

If it seems as though Tsunami's and other extreme events are occurring more often, you are right.

If it seems as though Tsunami’s and other extreme events are occurring more often, you are right.

National Geographic offers more details on climate change.

Degradation of rain forests, and demoralization of species – some (particularly plant species) not even discovered, plays a significant role.

I want the U.S. to be energy dependent too….that’s the political piece of this puzzle. But we share the planet with other nations and other species, and all nations play a role and surprising to some, so do all species.

Consequences of climate change are varied and real

Consequences of climate change are varied and real

I’m not a political scientist, and have no idea how or why  climate change became political in our nation (and only in the U.S.A.). I suspect it’s just because one side said, ‘We understand and need to do something.” And in America’s divisive political culture, the other side simply took an alternative view, and dug in their heels. My hope is that politics can somehow be put aside, at least this one issue.

If you watch this video and still believe climate change is made up, take a trip to the Arctic Circle to watch glaciers melt at a record rate, and watch how polar bears are starving to death as a result….Even talk to people in our own nation, in Alaska, who are witnessing obvious changes. Travel to New Zealand or Australia where the hole in the ozone layer has caused a spike in skin cancers, and talk to family members whose relatives died as a result, until scientists could figure out what was happening and sun skin protection became the norm, even for small children. This isn’t about politics it’s about life on our planet.

At the end of the video Nye suggests there are actions we can all take. I agree…but ultimately, to reverse the trend we need to save the rain forests (no longer only a slogan), and save plants and animals who we share the planet – in order to save us. And take other actions that will require government intervention from governments around the world.

Hoax, Mr. Trump? I wish it was. I only hope Mr. Trump really does listen to scientists around the world who concur.



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