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Conversation with Irene Pepperberg, Alex Foundaiton


Irene Pepperberg has learned more about parrot behavior than anyone on the planet…listen HERE to the First Lady of Parrots from Steve Dale’s Pet World.

Her most recent paper demonstrated that an African Grey parrot could actually add – Alex knew, for example, that 3 and 2 equals five.

Pepperberg would be able to ask what toy? “block,” a parrot can answer.

What color? “blue”

What matter? “wood”

What shape? “four corners”

Clearly, these parrots aren’t parroting. She says, I can pull a credit card out of my wallet and some parrots can instantly tell me things (I might be afraid if my wife has also used the credit card of what I’ll hear).

Pepperberg talks about her latest parrot – Griffin.

Pepperberg says parrots are more challenging to have as pets than dogs.

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