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Coyote Invasion: What to Do


Do you really need to shoot or poison coyotes? I sure as **** hope not.

If you don’t want a coyote near you….holler and wave, use a hose (if you have one), or carry a loud whistle, or simply bang a couple of garbage can lids together or pots together. You can also take some pennies or small stones and place them inside a used soda can, and shake it. If you’re a really tambourine player, that might work too. This is all s a technique called hazing and it’s not only more humane than shooting or poisoning, it works better. And when you haze a coyote, you won’t shoot a neighbor by mistake or poison your own pet in error.

In Bloomington, MN the community and its public officials are smart enough, as coyote populations have grown, to simply ask residents to haze if they see a coyote. But there’s a contingent in Minnesota, and elsewhere in country – who advocate for poisoning or killing.

I am aware that coyotes can and do kill cats and small or mid-sized dogs.  That issue is not hard to solve – don’t allow cats outdoors, or small or mid-sized dogs without adult supervision. As for concerns about children, there’s no reason for them, as they are not warranted. Though coyotes don’t attack humans, it’s prudent to not allow toddlers and infants outside without adult supervision, as I’m thinking infants and toddlers should not ever be allowed outside without adult supervision even where there aren’t coyotes.

Living with wildlife means we need to make some adjustments. Sadly, humans sometimes first opt for the violent approach. True, it’s not effective in this instance – but isn’t our species supposed to be better than that? Supposed to be…

How to Haze a Coyote:


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