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Cruise for Cats: Hop On Board


Puss ‘n Boats is Chicago’s only cruise for cats…It may be the only cruise for cats in America, benefiting the Tree House Humane Society.

This is one of those renowned Chicago Architecture Foundation Chicago River/Lake Michigan cruises that goes up the River and through the locks into the Lake on May 16, at 9 a.m. (boarding is at 8:30 from the Southwest corner of Michigan Avenue at Wacker Driver). The Chicago Architecture Foundation provides narration on our City’s stunning architecture. The boat and entire event is made possible by Mercury Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline on the very lovely Chicago’s First Lady (not literally on Maggie, that’s the name of the boat).


As good as the Architecture Foundation guides are, they may not understand – Oak Street Beach is actually the largest cat litter box in the city, and might miss pointing out where wild wild catnip grows. I’ll be there to clarify these important points.  

Learn more, 773-784-5488, ext. 238. The 90-minute excursion is $20, ages 5 to 12; 13 years and over $35. Children under 5 are free. A light breakfast is included, Dramamine is not. While this is a cruise to benefit cats, it’s not suggested to bring your own.
The story behind the story: Maybe 10 years ago, I developed the Canine Cruise with Holly Agra of Mercury Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline.

In fact, the dog cruise – which dogs can go on, starting July 11 and each Sunday through the season….has been a barking success….

I told Holly that cats need equal time. That’s how we came up with the cat cruise idea to benefit cats and Tree House. 

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