Cures4Cats Day: Supporting Kidney Disease Studies

pet expert Steve Dale on Cures4Cats Day


Cures4Cats should be a national holiday. For 50 years the non-profit Winn Feline Foundation has been supporting cat health studies. October 20 is Cures4Cats Day and a celebration and culmination of these efforts.Pet expert Steve Dale on Cures4Cats Day

To celebrate, the Winn Feline Foundation is announcing the launch of a new campaign to find answers for feline kidney disease (FKD), which is incredibly common in older cats.

Cures4Cats Day to benefit kidney diseaseDue to a generous bequest, Winn Feline Foundation will match up to $50,000 in new donations toward feline kidney disease research with this initiative.

The Winn Feline Foundation recently surveyed supporters, and kidney disease was among the most common concerns expressed by cat caretakers around the world.

According to some studies, nearly half or more than half of all aging cats are affected with at least some compromised kidney function. The good news is that our cats are living longer. Since kidney disease is often associated with older cats, and there are more older cats, it’s happening more than ever. In addition, ingestion of small amounts of toxic substances such as certain lily plants (Easter and Day Lilies) and antifreeze can cause life-threatening acute kidney injury and failure in cats.

This is an opportunity to support a too frequent illness that impacts quality of life, and often lifespan of cats.

Thousands of cats die of kidney associated problems annually. No one knows how long these cats might live if there was a cure for these cats. And that is exactly what Cures4Cats Day is all about.

The campaign kicked off with a $,4000 donation from the NOLA Cat Film Festival and Art for Cat’s Sake Foundation.

Let’s work together to prevent or slow the progression of feline kidney disease.Pet expert Steve Dale on WNN Feline Foundation Cures4Cats Day

While there is currently no “magic pill” to treat kidney disease in cats, a revolutionary new kidney function blood test is called SDMA or symmetric dimethylarginine is a simple blood test which is now included in routine IDEXX (diagnostic lab) blood panels. SDMA allows veterinarians to diagnose Chronic Kidney Disease months or even years earlier, allowing veterinarians to intervene well before the kidneys are as damaged.

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