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Decoding the Fearful Dog

A Sound Beginning Program Decoding the Fearful; Dog


Decoding the Fearful Dog is a Sound Beginning Program on December 9 to communicate the latest animal behavior news. The speakers are John Ciribassi DVM, DAVB (co-editor of the book Decoding Your Dog, authored by members of the American College of Veterinary Behavior; Steve Dale, CABC (also co-editor Decoding Your Dog)  and Steve Frost, KPA CTP, SBA, CPBT-KA (Shelter Program Manager and in-home behavioral trainer who has worked on over 10,000 animal behavior cases).Steve Dale speaking for A Sound Beginning

Here’s are program specifics:

4:00pm – Steve Dale, CABC


No one gets into the field of rescue because they want to cause harm to an animal. But sometimes for the sake of “getting it done” we are causing the very animals we save to end up dealing with fear. We can do better.

  • Shelters
  • Foster homes
  • Vets
  • Groomers
  • Trainers

Find out what YOU can do to be part of a better future for all the animals, and be a part of Fear Free Happy Homes, or become a Fear Free certified dog trainer or Fear Free certified veterinary professional.

Dr. John Ciribassi

Dr. John Ciribassi

5:15pm – Dr. John Ciribassi DVM, Dipl. ACVB 


Aggression is the most common behavior problem presented to veterinary behaviorists. In many, if not most of these cases, a definite fear component seems to be the driving force behind the aggressive displays. This presentation is meant to clarify terms, differentiate possible diagnoses of aggression, and offer thoughts on treatment of fear-associated aggression.

7:15pm – Steve Frost KPA CTP, SBA, CPBT-KA 


Using punishment to train is sometimes assumed to be the only way to get control over an animal. But punishment causes anxiety and creates more fear, increasing the probability of aggression. Learn gentle handling techniques and humane training methods that are effective, reduce fear, and decrease the risk of fear-related biting.

A Sound Beginning program with Steve Frost, Dr. John Ciribassi and Steve DaleHow to partake

The indented audience for this program are shelter staff and and shelter and rescue volunteers, as well as foster homes, veterinary nurses, transport teams, groomers and dog trainers.

Fee for the seminars is  $75.00 (which includes dinner, snacks, and refreshments). And all groups of four or more registrants will receive $5 off for each registrant.

The event is at the Fountain View Recreation Center, Carol Stream Park District, 910 N. Gary Ave. (meeting rooms 120-122).

Register for Decoding the Fearful Dog is HERE.


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