A Dog Near Dies, Another Dog Dies in Hot Car


Why I want and I feel we absolutely need laws to protect dogs found in hot cars. This one example, and merely  a recent. Some of these never get reported. This one did by Kelly Bauer at the Block Club Chicago on June 29.

A  Yorkshire Terrier was reportedly left inside a locked Lexus in a Costco parking lot. The temperature was well into the 90’s (that was the real temperature, not heat index). A dog left in a car for over 10 minutes under these conditions pushed the temperatures to well over 120 degrees inside the car. The car’s owner was reportedly gone for at least 45 minutes.

The dog tried to to escape the heat by hiding in what little shade there was.

Two customers and the store manager, according to the Block Club Chicago story, decided to not break a car window. They did call police.

The windows were cracked a bit, which allowed the rescuers to attempt to deliver water, but the dog would not go to where the water was. While windows being open some allowed for a breeze of sorts, research shows that really doesn’t lower the temperature. And on this day only allowed hot air to be blown in.

It took 30 minutes for the police to arrive. The office allowed the three bystanders to get into the car to rescue the dog.

The dog, panting heavily, refused water. The dog was cooled some when water was gently poured over him. The dog was placed in the air conditioned police car.

The dog’s owner eventually came out from the Costco with a pair of  rotisserie chickens.

The owner was reportedly acting ignorant even after the explanation. The dog appeared recovered, and police departed without issuing a citation. However, they could have – and in my view should have. Isn’t this animal cruelty? No matter, it’s abundantly clear we need laws to protect canine citizens. What if the police took even five minutes longer to arrive? This dog, by all accounts, was nearing heat stroke, which may have been terminal.

Meanwhile, last Sunday, July 8, a German Shepherd Dog died, as the dog was left in an air-conditioned SUV for about three hours at a west Omaha, NE restaurant.

The owners of the dog told animal control officers that they had left their SUV running and the air conditioning on, said Mark Langan of the Nebraska Humane Society. Perhaps the air malfunctioned or at just under 90 degrees, the sun hitting the car heated the car beyond the capacity that the air could handle, though some suggest the vehicle was parked in the shade.

According to the restaurant, dogs happen to be welcome on their patio, and there may have been no need to keep the dog in the SUV in the first place.

The distraught dog’s owners were not ticketed.


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